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Clicked Wrong Package

I was looking at the 35 dollar deal and the 65 dollar "play now" thing and accidentally bought the 35 dollar one instead. Can I upgrade or do a return and purchase again, or what are the options? I'd hate to have to pay 65 on top of the 35.
The price of the "play now" thing should now show as $30 instead of $65.
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Contact customer support. Sounds like you were already trying to upgrade an account and accidentally bought a second?
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I have checked, everything but the 65 dollar package is updated and minus the 35, lol. It won't let me do the early one without paying the full 65. Weird.
I am such an idiot, lol. It's showing correctly. To play now, I need the 100 dollar package which is properly showing at 65 now, lol.
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