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Why hello there.

Jaren Took
Well. Isn't this a nice place. I'm Rob. In game I'm Jaren Took. Nice to meet you. IRL I play PFS (mainly at GenCon now). Been playing MMO's since Meridian 59 and UO (yes Meridian 59 came first). Before that I played Muds/mushes. I love pathfinder and long walks on the beach.

All joking aside, I've been really excited about this project. Sad I missed the Kickstarter, but happy I can get in now! Can't wait to see what this team can do! I'll be rolling primarily mage and crafting magical stuff I hope.

If you see me in game, be sure to say "Howdy".

-Jaren Took (Rob)
- Jaren Took (Rob)
Deianira Sunstorm
Yes, but do you like pina coladas? Getting caught in the rain?

Welcome! Poke around the forums - we don't bite (although Kobold Cleaver might, so watch him) - and be sure to check out the recruitment forum if you're looking for a place to hang your hat (helmet, hood, whatever) in game. Also be sure to make use of the Help channel in game - it's a lifesaver when you're staring at the trainer's menu wondering what you're supposed to be doing.
Contact me on Paizo: Deianira
Welcome, rjordan.

I hope the game becomes what your looking for.
If you need a spot to relax and be away from most of the PKing/PVP you can come down the Talonguard.
Talonguard is a crafting town and in the Highroad Covenant Alliance (Stoneroot Glade and Tavernhold are our allies).
Talonguard is slowly growing, but you'll be able to get the training you want from us and our allies.

AZ, Talonguard.
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