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Main character missing backdated XP

Steve the Red
When I created my first character, I found when logging in that the hairstyle I'd selected wasn't what I wanted from the back (the ponytail was invisible from the character creation screen, but very evident in play). So I deleted him, went away for a day to wait for the deletion to go through, and tried again.

At no stage did I tell it to train XP on that character. However, when I deleted him, the slot was marked as training XP even though I'd never told it to do so.

On recreation, and setting training XP on once I was happy with his appearance, he appears to only have XP from the recreation time. His destiny's twin has full XP, but he does not.

So a few things from this:

1. Could I please get backdated XP fixed?

2. Could we please be able to see what characters look like from the back in character creation?

3. Deletion probably shouldn't be applying the backdated XP perk :-)

Don't forget to take your concern to Most here can't help you directly, but they can, and usually do so quickly.

They've had some disruptions the last day or so, though, so write to them quickly to get in their queue.
Ryan Dancey
1. No

2. I agree, its a feature I would like to see implemented

3. We tried to tell players every way we could how Backdated XP worked
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