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EE v3.0 TEST SERVER Release Notes

If I try to cast Agile Feet on myself in town, and I hit the wrong key and smack myself with Touch of Darkness instead, I'll get the Attacker flag, and the Thornguards will kill me. And then kill me many more times. Assuming I don't hit them back and earn their eternal hatred, will they stop killing me when the Attacker flag wears off? I'll still lose anything I can't unequip in time, but at least I won't need a developer to rescue me from an infinite death cycle. Right?
7 days from -7500 to -2500? Okay. Sounds like a classic PFO Meaningful Choice to me.

20 days from -7500 to -2500? Nope. Not a good plan. For one thing, by making the murderhobo business absolutely unworkable for characters who are training and advancing, this will encourage the formation of roaming bands of 1000xp perma-negative-7500 alts. Once T2 gear becomes more common, the "basement squad" might become 10000xp perma-negative-7500 alts, but the problem will remain. With no hope of reaching -2500 in a reasonable time, people will probably feel like they might as well stay -7500 all the time, and kill at will forever.

I've been involved in PVP exactly one time in EE, helping an allied settlement defend a tower. I'm not some "PVP or nothing!" purist. This just strikes me as a self-defeating adjustment to the reputation system.
In this case, then, might I recommend the regen rate be instead tweaked to 30rep/hr?

The math would be:
-7500 -> -2499 = 5001rep to gain to go from "complete scoundrel" to "you may pass."
5001 / ( 7 * 24 ) = 29.77 … or in other words:
30rep/hr * 24hrs * 7days = 5040rep, which would be "just enough."

So, can we compromise, and make this 30rep/hr? I think a 1-week "timeout" for a killing spree would be appropriate.
I agree with the +10 rep/hr … If some decide to try and adopt 1000XP perma-negative alts approach, I have faith that GW will keep their commitment to ensuring that such actions are not desired and deal with those that do so.

I am not a fan of PVP but I accept there will be sanctioned PVP. A higher rate just means those that get their thrills from the misery of others are being encouraged to do so.
Ryan Dancey
Should be ~20 days.

~20 days from Minimum Rep to getting trained seems reasonable to me. It'll be even more reasonable once folks are more frequently waiting several weeks to spend their XP on the next level of something.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Brighthaven Leader
#1 - I have played this game with worse reputation regeneration than 10/hour. They have in fact changed it multiple times in Alpha, and I have tanked out multiple times. The current iteration was and is far too much.

#2 - The less your rep score, the less it costs to kill you. If you have tanked your rep under -2500, I can kill you 100 times in a row, and still be good to go. The reason it costs so much rep right now, is cause you are all attacking 7500 Rep people that don't fight, so it costs huge amounts of Rep.

#3 - I think 10/hour is too little, personally 25/hour is a much better compromise. 25/hour you can easily have a couple raids per week, or fight daily against those with low rep.

#4 - War of Towers HEXES are still free pvp zones during PvP windows. You could always take a tower with a third party and leave it on a 24 hour pvp window to protect that hex, or what it guards.
Brighthaven is a Neutral Good settlement focused on defending its citizens and its allies from negative fringe based PvP (Player Killing and Griefing) while striving to become a large and shining beacon for Good. Whether you wish to benefit from this protection or you love PvP and wish to assist in providing this protection, Brighthaven aims to be the home and support center for you!
Less than a week offline to go from -7500 to +7500 seems utterly meaningless.
To who? A week of not being able to PvP in a PvP game is definitely meaningful. RP your hearts out, no one is trying to take away your playstyle, meanwhile I'm being told I have to have over a month time out for mine.

This is basically what's wrong with people's attitude, as far as I can tell.

Pathfinder doesn't, to me, intend to make a "PvP game". They're making a sandbox game, where open world PvP is allowed. With consequences.
My ban has now gone from 7 days to permanent with a chance to appeal after 6 months. Paizo has violated the ToS and EULA, which mention nothing about repercussions for actions on the forums resulting in loss of access to the game client. I have not done anything in violation of the rules which would warrant a ban from the game client.
It seems to me like GW can't decide what they want this game to be. It's open world PvP and player looting, so it"s obviously set up as a PvP game. At the same time, they punish player's for using these features they put in the game.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
It seems to me like GW can't decide what they want this game to be. It's open world PvP and player looting, so it"s obviously set up as a PvP game.
That would be the definition of crowd forged. The game will be what the majority of its players want it to be, not what any single group (regardless of having a very specific definition of what "Open World PvP" means) wants.
To reach me, email
And how do they determine what the majority of player's want? I haven't seen any voting or polls, a couple "loud" anti PvP opinions on the forums doesn't equal a majority of player's. GW really needs to appease both camps by finding a compromise, screwing over pvper's in favor of the anti PvP crowd will not help maintain their player base. For clarity, I'm not talking random player killing with no purpose. I'm talking about banditry, territorial control, harvesting competition, etc. All these things are viable and intended forms of PvP that will tank your rep and bar you from entering your own town. This is what is unacceptable to player's like me.
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