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Hiya! New player here

Just signed up for an explorer account, so hopefully I get to start playing real soon? smile
Deianira Sunstorm
Hey there! The more the merrier! Poke around, ask questions, babble inanely, whatever takes your fancy!

If you're looking for companions on your journey in the wilderness, check out the Settlements and Companies subforums in the Recruitment forum.

Also useful - the New Player Help forum.
Contact me on Paizo: Deianira
Welcome, Arienna.

If you have questions ask around folks will answer your questions.
And be sure to check out the Settlement and Companies subforums for a gaming group that fits your playstyle.
But you should also pay attention to the geography and political landscape when picking a settlement or company.
i.e. In the Western Side of the Map in the Highroad Covenant Alliance* we have 0 to 5 PVPing PKers moving around in the area in a week at most at the moment. So you can enjoy the PVE content with out getting PKed and robbed of your stuff.

*High Road Convenant Alliance is made of the settlements, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Stoneroot Glade

AZ, Talonguard
Ryan Dancey
Explorer access begins 1st of February
Awesome! smile Thank you guys very much and I can't wait to get started exploring and harvesting materials!
Welcome indeed. What are you looking to do around here anyways? Maybe we can help you find a place to look towards? It really is easier to have people at your side.
Well! I'm a full time engineering student and researcher until June so I'm really too busy to commit to complicated group maneuvers and plans right now. At the same time, I really enjoy being part of a group and contributing to an effort. I'm thinking about exploring the harvesting and crafting side of things. That's what I do in Eve Online. xD I'm a miner and manufacturer. I'll probably be a cleric, it's what I'm most familiar with in the Pathfinder system ^_^

Talonguard is a crafting settlement away from the PK/PVP lines so you can gather and craft in peace throughout the Alliance's territory.
There is an escalation hex nearby that gives PVE content for those that seek it (we have weekly hunts there).
We also have materials nearby for creating finished products and will be a major trade hub when caravans come in.
Are Allies in Tavernhold can supply you with any Clerical training you need.

That sounds just about ideal… you all wouldn't have any problems with me disappearing for 3 weeks to write a thesis / die over finals?
No problem as RL does happen,
I expect life to every now and then through a wrench at everyone's plans, as it happens.
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