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My 2 cents; a Chudds Inc. plea

The problems me and my fellow company members have been having over here in Australia is mostly just latency about 1 second or so on business broadband. Most of the time on American servers we only get about 0.5 seconds of lag. But there are a few other outlying game-breaking and immersion breaking problems such as: Resource Nodes crashing the game, charges don't work properly (sometimes you just stand 10 meters away and swing like a madman), sometimes in a battle you'll be activating abilities and your character won't be doing any damage. Textures on some armor are broken and have clipping issues, draw distance on enemies is broken sometimes when you kill an enemy the model will stand there, that and there's far too many mobs for a sandbox RPG there was far less enemies in games like TES Oblivion another sandbox RPG (there's too many bandit mobs, what if some people were playing bandits the mobs would give their position away), character model needs a holster and you need to be able to brandish your weapon without attacking, shields are just weird (being an experienced medieval re-enacter I think they don't make sense a light shield should give you armor against a single mob, where as a heavy shield should protect the entire front side of the model, in a nutshell they need different abilities for each shield not to mention some armor at least), and we need arenas a place where we can do pvp without losing our gear only our money from placing bets.

Now to crafting and the economy (or player trading), there's a lack of tools for each gathering skill, refining skill and crafting skill (just things like pickaxes and smithing hammers(most importantly so you can do it on the move)), the economy needs a kickstart (you could kickstart it by giving everyone a bit of money to start on something like 10 silver or so), being able to craft items then walk away is game breaking if you walk away from your job it should halt to a stop, that and we need crafting animations, the in-game map needs a legend (eg. a compass), and last but not least the gatherers need designated places to gather their resources such as; mines and farms.

Now me and my mates don't expect these problems to be fixed over night seeing as I'm sure there's plenty of other problems that need fixing first but we're not interested in playing until some of the game breaking problems are fixed, which are mostly just combat related and a few crafting/gathering/refining issues. Sorry about the wall of text but I just felt that me and my mates needed to get this out somewhere, it would be much appreciated if some of these problems are taken note of. Thanks to those of you of the goblinworks team that take time out of there busy lives to consider these aspects.
EE3 will be fixing most of the Broken armour textures if you read the release notes.
You also have to remember that the Game currently is in it's 2nd year or it's 5 year development, so certain parts are; incomplete, has a placeholder, or is missing currently from the game.
Also currently their are not that many mob types mainly; Humanoid(bandit/Cultist/etc), Goblin, Ogre, Undead, and Canine.
Ryan Dancey
I think the game will be unplayable with a 1 second latency. That's wild. Brisbane to westcost US is something like 250ms.
Dazyk of Phaeros
The idea around crafting in PFO is that the character is the Expert; they supervise their NPC underlings and take care of crucial stages of the crafting only. I kinda like it like that.
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Hobson Fiffledown
Just to chime in one the latency topic. I am currently on satellite at 630ms-ish with pretty crazy occasional spikes. (I know…I know… I can practically see Level 3 from my house. It's ridiculous.) However, the game is still playable and fun for me. Trying to hang with huge rolling groups in combat doesn't work too well. I also don't think it would work for "higher end" PvP, but I have had fun in the few scraps I've been in. If you're used to a high ping, then you already know what the usual trade offs are. There are a lot of games on the "nope, can't play that" list, but PFO works for me so far.

Edit - Thankfully. we'll have broadband here within a couple of months…contractors willing.
This space for rent.
Thanks guys for posting, I would have got back to you sooner but I don't have a working computer of my own so I'm just at an internet cafe where there's usually 4 or 5 other people using the internet (probably why we get so much latency). Nonetheless we don't normally have about 1 second of consistent lag, it's just that we get consistent lag spikes which make pvp unbearable. We don't have many problems with fighting the mobs that are spawned around the map we just get consistent problems such as; abilities not working properly, our models sometimes don't trigger animations and just stand there like idiots, and the draw distance problem of enemies being killed and their models just stay where they are not moving or anything.

I am aware that the game is in Early Access and as I said I don't expect these problems fixed over night, I just see it as a war-game like Battlefield or Age of Empires or Paintball. I think because of this aspect we can't really have players running off while crafting, maybe a fee for the hiring of NPCs to do your work otherwise if you don't pay the fee your character is stuck there crafting because in war nothing is free. Thanks again for the consideration and a commendation to you Ryan Dancey.
Seeing it as a war game like Battlefield or Age of Empires is going to create a lot of angst on your part. I would seriously reconsider if that's your mindset.

I'm not trying to be mean or rude here, but it's been discussed, ad nauseum, that this isn't a murder simulator. PvP is a big part of the game, but not the be all/end all.
My ban has now gone from 7 days to permanent with a chance to appeal after 6 months. Paizo has violated the ToS and EULA, which mention nothing about repercussions for actions on the forums resulting in loss of access to the game client. I have not done anything in violation of the rules which would warrant a ban from the game client.
At this very moment in the game, I'm only interested in crafting and gathering, and at the moment PvP doesn't interest me at all seeing as the combat system is as un-refined as it is. I see almost every game as a war simulator (being that if there is a mechanic allowing you to kill your fellow man, that simply just makes it a war simulator… almost everything is war, trust economic wars to begin in this game I'm not the only one with this "mindset" ) , and the way I see it is that if the war mechanics aren't designed with tact, the game may not take off when it reaches it's prime. I'll just add this last piece, I'm losing my interest in the game as well as everybody I know that plays or have considered playing, I have too tell people that the game has potential and just needs some work… and I just get shot down every time, everyone of my friends that play has deactivated their accounts and are waiting for some of the mechanics that I made note of to be fixed. Sorry about the wall of text but this is my opinion, and the opinions of all members of Chudds Inc.
I didn't say it wasn't a war game, mate. It's just not a war game -like Battlefield or AoE-. It's a new and unique war game.
My ban has now gone from 7 days to permanent with a chance to appeal after 6 months. Paizo has violated the ToS and EULA, which mention nothing about repercussions for actions on the forums resulting in loss of access to the game client. I have not done anything in violation of the rules which would warrant a ban from the game client.
We have reasonable connection to the game from Oz but we are on 100Mb/40Mb fibre to the house.

We are lucky enough to live in one of the areas that got the original world class full broadband rather than the new cringe worthy Aussie "super tech can give you NBN speeds through fencing wire strung up in the gumtrees" excuse we now have smile
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