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Unable to adjust volume in windowed mode

Jaren Took
In full screen I can adjust the volume up or down of both music and ambient. But in windowed mode I can't adjust either. Just thought I would report it.
- Jaren Took (Rob)

What? Really? We can?


I thought the volume sliders were just 100% broken.
Just a reminder that, on Windows, you can click the Speaker Icon in your System Tray, select Mixer, and adjust the volume for each running application separately.
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I wish I'd know that a while ago. smile

So when will the sliders be fixed in windowed mode?
My volume sliders
Do not work regardless of the display mode. I miss hearing enemy spell effects.
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Yea, with my sliders, it just moves the window around instead of moving the sliders… and while the windows control is nice (and I already knew about it and used it), it doesn't allow me to change the ratio of music/sound. I like to have low music and somewhat louder sounds, but right now my music is pretty much nonexistent and the sounds is REALLY loud, so when I turn my computer sound down, I hear the sounds, but not the music, and if I turn it up enough to hear the music, the sounds are deafening.
Hmmm … My Speaker Icon lets me raise or lower my PFO volume. Weird thing is that sometimes my PFO volume is set at zero while all my other featured volumes are at max, at other times, it is at max where I first put it.
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This is a very annoying bug when trying to use teamspeak.

The sounds are essential for crafters btw - becasue currently sound seems the only way to know you are under attack if you are in a craft window.
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