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Public API

Does Goblinworks have any public API's (preferably REST) available for use? To pull back raw data from the game such as feats, achievements, etc? This would go a long way towards player created applications and websites if they do. As a web developer, I am highly interested. Thank you.
Goblinworks does not currently have a public API yet or will, Tyveil.

And if they do put out the API, I hope folks put security around the API's inputs as I'm sure they don't want a security hole where someone can dump information from a simple hack (ala Sony).
Sorry I didn't specify. This would be a read-only (GET) API. It only reads information about skills and feats in the game, not information about characters or accounts. Other MMORPG's have made API's available. They are not susceptible to hacking as long as they only support HTTPGET.
Here is an example:

Other MMORPG's have API's available. It's fairly common.
Ryan Dancey
Not at this time. No eta.
Also noteworthy that most of the info that we need is currently available in the spreadsheets they are already providing us. Some things are not fully available to us, such as loot tables, resource harvesting, and escalations all being examples. So, yes, in the future, and API would be freakin' awesome.
Thanks Kitsune. I have found the spreadsheets and am moving forward using them as a source, which will definitely suffice for now. Hopefully someday we get the API!
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