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Waiting for Server Location

Logged in this afternoon. I managed to get a crafting started and then client stopped responding. Myself and a couple of users are getting Waiting for Server Location error.

We have attempted multiple client restarts along with selection, deletion of characters.
Subaal Kakan
Same here, except that I'm not sure as to whether my crafting got started or not before I seemed to become unsynced from the server. Chat appeared to continue after that point.
we're here, we're there, we are everywhere
so beware
That is what I am hearing for the two players online in TS. They are ssing players discoonnect and nobody join. They are also in perma stealth mode right now.
Yep, I am getting the same issue. I logged off the make another character real quick and when I tried to log back in I have been on waiting for server location for ever.
same problem here.
Please see and add to this thread, its been running for quite a while
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