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River Guides - Dedicated to helping new players

Name: River Guides
Alignment: Lawful Good
Preferred Alignments: LG/NG/CG
Purpose: To provide support new players in their first 90 days and help build the PFO community
Player Roles Accepted: All
Settlement: RiverBank in the South West Plains [-09.18]

River Guides - Is a loosely knit company of people dedicated to helping new players. River Guides will provide support in the Help, hold classes and help those in the River Academy to grow. To be a River Guide you need to have 1 month experience in PFO (will probably grow in the future) and be willing to commit 2-4 hours per week in Help. Those who are part of another company but would like to volunteer as guides are welcome, but when acting as a guide (either as part of the company or not) they need to abide by the rules of the River Academy and Supporting Companies/Settlements. For those who want to teach classes but not necessarily be a River Guide member, PM Randomwalker our Dean of Curriculum.

Who Should Join River Guides? People who enjoy helping other players and are looking to make teaching part of their play style. You are welcome to follow your own path and grow your character however you want and all playstyles are welcome. As the River Academy grows, there will be more opportunities to work with new players and teach them the ropes. This may include leading escalations, giving tours, setting up trade agreements or whatever your heart desires.

We are currently recruiting for both Guides and those who would like to be leaders of the Guides and Academy. Here is an opportunity to help grow the pfo community, help new players and be a leader!

Rules for River Guides:
1. Have Fun
2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
3. Don’t be a Jerk

Joining The River Guides:
1. Register on the CotP boards.
2. Apply for CotP membership.
3. Introduce yourself in the RiverBank section.
4. Join into our ongoing discussions, and check out the other titles our community have to offer.
5. Say Hi to Hoffman (you can also do this earlier if you have questions)

Mumble Usage: CotP has a dedicated 24/7 Mumble server. Mumble usage is a requirement for all River Guides, but a microphone is not required. This is because Mumble is where most of our conversations happen, and if you aren't in there, you really will not get integrated into the community as much as we would like. Mumble does offer text chat options and if everyone in-game is using the Mumble then you can likely reply to comments on the Mumble via our in-game chat as well.

The Mumble setup guide for our server can be found here. Address:
Port: 64738

About the River Academy - The River Academy a company for new pfo players and is time limited. A player can only be a member of the River Academy for their first 90 days. After their first 90 days they need to move to another company in PFO. The intent of the River Academy is to give people a place to grow, try things out, and then move to the right company/settlement for them. River Academy will be a collaborative (sharing in resources and supplies) and will have regularly scheduled events and classes. Classes will be held at RiverBank but taught by companies from across the map and open to all. River Academy will have an officer structure to allow people a chance to lead the company but will ultimately report to the River Guides. In this way the River Guides are the only ‘permanent’ officers of the River Academy as we are committed to only allowing people to stay in the academy for 90 days.

Rules of the River Academy

  • No PVP within RiverBank or the six core hexes surrounding RiverBank unless it is in a tower pvp window or a River Academy sanctioned event (i.e. a class on PVP).
  • River Academy is not allowed to take any towers, unless as part of a class.
  • We follow the two rules of RiverBank: 1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and 2. Don’t be a jerk.
  • River Academy members are not allowed to make or sign any treaties or long term agreements. Trade agreements or the like must be time limited (i.e. no more than 90 days).
  • Donate what you don’t need to others. River Academy will have a bank where you can donate or list them on the auction house for 1 copper.
  • Being part of River Academy is a privilege and subject to following the rules above.
Pathfinder University Helping new players to enjoy the game.
Daily classes listed at - all are welcome.
Join Pathfinder University for your first 90 days in game.
Hoffman, FYI I deleted my Paizo account (so no Paizo PM) and won't be on these forums much anymore except to directly help new players. If you'd like to contact me for questions/ideas on website tools for the Guide program can you email me at

I can't wait till PFO has an in-game mail system and/or friends-online list. :p
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