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Free Trials

Hi all, Why are Goblin Works doing free trials for a game that is in no fit state to be put into the main stream?

Don't get me wrong I have a real soft spot for the game but dont you think having water in rivers and lakes, actually functioning abilities and ability animations should be the top priority before it goes out on Free Trial?

If you put this out on free trial you may as well stop developing it because people who are not used to EE/Alphas will not sub and you will start to lose your target market revenue?

*Disclaimer: EE/Alpha, you are quite right its not officially in alpha, but any game that is as utterly incomplete as this is at this stage to me is an Alpha.
Something like this had to come in eventually. Sure, many of us won't invite our friends to "try" the game at this point, but that doesn't mean there will be an influx of people trying the game immediately either. I'm betting a free trial gets them in the system at least, and even if they don't subscribe right away, they will be kept abreast of improvements via the blog email notifications, and possibly return offers, again via email, from GW at various periods down the road.

I'm also betting GW is thinking the community, which is pretty great, can convince a lot of those free trial accounts to stick around. We just have to get them into good companies!

The buddy invite on its own is great, for that leaves the decision to invite with us directly. I'll say no more on that.

We are mostly here, holding on by the optimism of what the game will become and I have plenty left in the tank to share some with new players. Just maybe they'll stick around, or if they do leave, they'll leave with a amber still burning, thinking, yea maybe in 4 months I'll check this out again!

So don't sell the idea short just yet. smile
Ryan Dancey
It's important to see the difference between a generic "anyone can play for free" trial, and this program which is "you have to know someone already paying to play the game in order to play for free". The former is just a wide net that catches a lot of people who couldn't care less about any given game or community and who just want to try anything as long as it's free. The latter is a very targeted recruitment program designed to bring in new people with a support system already in place - the friend who invites them.

We need to grow to reach our goals just like every business. Early Enrollment is a live game, in live operations. It's a fun game. It's a game filled with drama and intrigue. And we have a great community supporting it - one of the best MMO communities I've ever seen. Crowdforging is fun and interesting to a lot of people. This is a great time to start playing and we want you to share that opportunity with the friends you think would be most interested in the experience.

You're our filter. You have the insight and the knowledge we don't have about which of your friends would find the current game state cool and worthwhile and which might not. And as with all things, you can choose when and how to introduce your friends. Maybe you don't know anyone who would be a good recruit today, but every two weeks we're iterating and adding features.

There are also going to be a lot of people asking for invites. It's a great way to make a new friend. You've got something really valuable - two tickets to play a game that only a few thousand people are currently able to play!

My experience in this business is that the buddy program will be the most effective marketing we ever do for the game. Over the years to come we'll see how well it succeeds in being many players entry to the game. MMOs are fundamentally about socializing, and there's nothing more social than inviting a buddy to try something you think is cool.
New Guy
I would suggest that allowing the Kickstarter Adventurer level pledges enter during this shape of Early Enrollment instead of waiting until next year and open enrollment would be a good step to take. Those are people who already pledged money and have an interest in the game.

I am quite interested in trying the game, but I unfortunately I don't know anyone that has an active account. I would be willing to get into early enrollment if I enjoy the trial. Is this a place where I can request an invite for the trial?

To get the Invite we'll need just an E-mail address.
Can someone send me a code? Not just an invite as I don't want to give away my login Email here so this is different than the one I would use to play the game.
I've been eyeing this for awhile and would love a chance to try before I buy.
Doguul, did you receive one yet?

I popped one off to itssevere
My ban has now gone from 7 days to permanent with a chance to appeal after 6 months. Paizo has violated the ToS and EULA, which mention nothing about repercussions for actions on the forums resulting in loss of access to the game client. I have not done anything in violation of the rules which would warrant a ban from the game client.
Thx alot Ortallus Im about to use it now.
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