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Is there a way to see how much power your character has? It's not on the Character Sheet anywhere, and you can't hover over anything for it to pop up.
There is not. You have to do the math yourself.

You start with 40 Power. You can see how many Ranks of Power you have in your Passive Feats window - each Rank adds 12. Most Armor Feats have a bonus to Power for each Keyword Matched.
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So, at the moment i sit on 182 Power, But what does it actually do? First i figured it would increase my overall damage, but more and more, it feels like another prerequisite for other things instead of having an direct effect. It´s twin feat would be hitpoints, that one does give a direct feedback of its effect.
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Power is a resource consumed like stamina. It's that solid yellow bar on the other side of your blue stamina bar. Power is consumed when you cast Spells and Maneuvers just like stamina is consumed when you use standard attacks and cantrips/orisions. Power does not regen naturally over time instead you must visit a tavern or build a camp to regenerate it and the action/power economy simulates the "adventuring day". The higher your power stat grows the more of these more powerful abilities will be able to be used without stopping and returning the replenish resources.
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Basically stamina is used for low level basic attacks like trained sword/bow attacks and cantrips and orisons and power is used by what will eventually be the high level spells and tricky rogue fighter attacks slotteds into the implements.

For example minor cure now heals 150 points and user stamina. Lesser cure a level 1 implement spelll cures 350 hit points and uses power.
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