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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Pathfinder University - A Company for new players in their first 90 days

About the Pathfinder University - PFU (previously known as River Academy):

Pathfinder University (PFU) is a company and home for new players (in their first 90 days) that provides support, training (including regular classes) and fun for those who are just learning PFO. A player can only be a member of the Pathfinder University for their first 90 days. After their first 90 days they need to move to another company in PFO. The intent of the Pathfinder University is to give people a place to grow, try things out, and then move to the right company/settlement for them. Pathfinder University will be a collaborative (sharing in resources and supplies) and will have regularly scheduled events and classes.

Classes will be held at Thornkeep, taught by companies from across the map and open to all. Pathfinder University will have an officer structure to allow people a chance to lead the company but will ultimately report to PFU Faculty. In this way the PFU Faculty are the only ‘permanent’ officers of the Pathfinder University as we are committed to only allowing people to stay in the academy for 90 days. Pathfinder University holds RiverBank as a training grounds for those who want to try out settlement mechanics and the like. RiverBank is an unaligned, neutral settlement located in the South West Plains [-09.18]

PFU is basing out of Thornkeep, uses the Golarion mumble for voice communications ( port 3093) and will be using the new player forum at for our forums.

To join PFU, click on the tower icon in the top left, put PFU in search bar, hit return, select Pathfinder University and then click apply.

Rules of the Pathfinder University
  • No PVP within RiverBank or the six core hexes surrounding RiverBank unless it is in a tower pvp window or a Pathfinder University sanctioned event (i.e. a class on PVP).
  • Pathfinder University is not allowed to take any towers, unless as part of a class.
  • We follow the two rules of RiverBank: 1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and 2. Don’t be a jerk.
  • Pathfinder University members are not allowed to make or sign any treaties or long term agreements. Trade agreements or the like must be time limited (i.e. no more than 90 days).
  • Donate what you don’t need to others. Pathfinder University will have a bank where you can donate or list them on the auction house for 1 copper. (pay it forward)
  • Being part of Pathfinder University is a privilege and subject to following the rules above.
Pathfinder University Faculty staff the help channel, Thornkeep and the University mumble.

Golarion Mumble Server
Port: 3093
Join the Pathfinder University channel

If you haven't tried Mumble it is a voice chat program that can be downloaded here. You do not have to have a microphone for your computer as you can still type, but at least you will be able to hear the conversations. If you have trouble with mumble, their support page is here.

If you cannot get on Mumble, we will also be providing support in the Help channel (just click on the help tab and it should come up). Keep in mind that when you are in help you cannot see any whispers, so occasionally look in hex or local. To send a whisper type /w charactername, message (the comma is important) and to reply you can just type /r message.

Additionally, I (and others) will be in and/or around Thornkeep to help players. That means if you need gear (FREE to new players), want to go exploring, or just want to meet someone in game, come to Thornkeep. We will also be holding daily classes (starting Wednesday, 2/18 ) in Thornkeep so it is a good place to be. To get to Thornkeep, Press M for map, look towards the east for the city with three large stars around it, that is Thornkeep. Double click on Thornkeep and that will drop a pin that you can follow on your minimap and start running. To continuously run hit R and you can then sprint by hitting Ctrl.
As a side note, most everything is in the encyclopedic 'Cheatle's Guide'. This guide is both a guide itself and a guide to guides. For those who prefer more pictures and a prettier guide, check out SSpitfire's guide.

If you have questions about PFU, please feel free to contact []Vorsk, Master of Students, Foxglove, Master of Curriculum or Hoffman Grand Master of PFU.
Pathfinder University Helping new players to enjoy the game.
Daily classes listed at - all are welcome.
Join Pathfinder University for your first 90 days in game.
Thanks to all for your help. We have had volunteers from companies across the map and hope to have a list of supporting companies soon.

Pathfinder University is proud to announce our first class will be a public Fireside Chat with Goblinworks COO and Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens, Wednesday 2/18 at 8PM Eastern in Thornkeep (within the keep palisade) and on the Golarion Mumble.

Lisa has agreed to answer our questions (as best as she can) and Hoffman will be the moderator. What that means is you can post your questions here, PM them to Hoffman and/or ask them in Hex or PM via Mumble during the event. I am going to try to ask Lisa questions that impact the most players first, and during the event will be watching Hex chat for follow up questions.

We encourage everyone to join us in keep in Thornkeep as we would love to see a large group of players together. Dress to impress and wear your best for the pictures. We will also try to record the session to share for those who can't make it.

Bottom line details:

Event: Public Fireside Chat with Lisa Stevens
Date/Time: Wednesday 2/18, 8-9PM EST
In-Game Location: Thornkeep within the keep palisade
Mumble location: Golarion/University mumble - port 3093 in the Pathfinder University Channel. Download the mumble client here *Mumble is limited to the first 100 participants.

This is the first class of the Pathfinder University curriculum. We will launch a daily class series after this. Pathfinder University will be holding its classes in Thornkeep and on the Golarion Mumble and all are welcome to come.
Pathfinder University Helping new players to enjoy the game.
Daily classes listed at - all are welcome.
Join Pathfinder University for your first 90 days in game.
Pathfinder University will be hosting a series of classes this week to help new players.

Our next class is tonight, Thursday 2/19 at 9pm. Our guest speaker is SSpitfire who will be talking about feat trees, followed by a discussion about PFO math underlying the combat system.

Friday 2/20 at 10pm central EU time (UCT+1) we will have Foxglove presenting Gearing Up; how to get beter gear and use it too. This class will provide an intro on crafting Tier 1 +2 gear, and Foxglove will help you make your own! We are going to provide some supplies but are always interested in donations to the university of gear and raw/salvage/refined goods.

Sunday 2/22 Will be new player day from 1-9 Eastern, but will have a special session hosted by Vorsk from 1:30-4. Expanding Problems: An Introduction to Escalations. A brief introduction to how escalations work, how to approach them, and their importance to the game. Followed by in the field experience taking on an escalation with the class.

Monday 2/23 at 9PM EST Duffy will be presenting How to Solo Red Mobs and Small Group PvE. He will include some simple feat setups including armor/feature/implement choices, combat states, combat debuffs, and how to capitalize on these effects both solo and with groups.

Tuesday 2/24 at 8PM EST Thannon Forsworn will be doing Crafting 101 overview course on how gathering, refining, and crafting are all interwoven and some general advice about leveling crafting.

All classes will meet in the Thornkeep Keep and be hosted on the Pathfinder University Mumble at port 3093. Download the mumble client here
Pathfinder University Helping new players to enjoy the game.
Daily classes listed at - all are welcome.
Join Pathfinder University for your first 90 days in game.
The Aeonian League
The Aeonian League congratulates Pathfinder University on it's initial success and wish to express our support. For their dedication to the new player community we are granting Pathfinder University and the associated settlement of Riverbank a general Non-Aggression Pact covering all League settlements. We encourage any of our members who may be interested in assisting Pathfinder University to do so at their leisure.
Due to the very noticeable problems with traveling between towns as of EE 4.1 i shall be delaying my class "Expanding Problems" for a week. As such, in its place i shall hold a class i am going to call "Godly Service: An Introduction to Clerics", pretty much a Cleric 101 class. I am sorry for this change, but i feel that many will agree for the moment, this may be the best. Can not claim to be a good teacher if the odds of loosing students to deaths are so high just GETTING to an escalation point, let alone how bad it might be in said escalation.
We are growing and building more support for new players. Most of us spend our time around RiverBank which is a relatively safe area. (Safe from other players but we have ogres in our back yard that we are taking care of with help from companies across the map.) Join us to learn and have fun!
Pathfinder University Helping new players to enjoy the game.
Daily classes listed at - all are welcome.
Join Pathfinder University for your first 90 days in game.
PFU Hoffman
Growing and going strong. We had a great weekend broadcast live on twitch and tonight we did a Grand Tour of all of the achievements. Join us and join the fun. There is pretty much always someone on mumble, classes daily and a friendly group for new players.
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
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