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Unbreakable vs Dragoon

Here is a comparison of a fighter trained to rank 4 in both Unbreakable and Dragoon wearing respectively pot steel plate +2 and hide and steel +2 with identical feats trained and slotted:

Unbreakable: Hit points 850, physical resistance 32, other resists 1 each, Hvy Melee AB 34, Crit +0, Saves Will 54/Reflex 37/ Fort 86

Dragoon: Hit Points 844, physical resistance 31, other resists 0, Hvy Melee AB 44, Crit +10, Saves Will 54/Reflex 37/ Fort 86

So as far as I can see, even with above explanations, there is not sufficient difference between these two armor types for a fighter to choose Unbreakable for tanking over Dragoon. I submit that Unbreakable needs a boost in both resistance when slotted and hit points gained per keyword.

Earlier you mentioned that dragoon gains crit +5 EACH rank, while Unbreakable stays at a flat elemental resistance until Tier 2. Now is this suppose to be like this? or is it a bug? Because it´s ONLY the resistance that stays at a flat 1 until T2. Ivé always felt a bit iffy with that, because i feel that it should´ve increased with each rank, since hitpoints did that.

If you had resistance increase every level you would soon reach a point where T1+0 weapons healed you every hit smile
The main reason for unbreakable 4 over dragoon in a fighter (not rogue) is that you only need smelter / armour smith. I prefer to equip pot steel over hide and scale solely for that reason.

Not having the recipe for pot steel could completely reverse the equation.
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Having a fixed 3 point resist all on Unbreakable at all tiers probably wouldn't hurt anything.
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To clarify an earlier post question from zodiac, dragoon's bonuses increase each rank, but they don't go up by the initial number they increase 1 or 2 per rank, so crit +5 goes to +7 etc.

So another thing now that T2 armor is starting to come out. A friend of mine just slotted T2 Captain's chainmail +1 with his Archer rank 6 feat and his saves jumped from in the 50/60 range to around the 120/130 range (previously he was wearing the T1 +2 armor for Archer). When I slot Dwarven Banded +1 vs my pot steel +2 with Unbreakable 6 (yes this is not the best match but it's OK at +1 level) my saves hardly move (maybe add 2 to 6 points) so I'm now 50 points lower than him in saves. Is this a bug? Something just doesn't seem right here.
Doublecheck that Unbreakable is actually trained to 6 and is slotted, and that you equipped the right armor and look like a bumblebee. Dwarven steel banded is correctly giving saves in the 100+ range for other players with sufficient training.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Dazyk of Phaeros
Make sure you have your Heavy Armour Proficiency at rank 2. AFAIK that is the determiner for receiving the t2 bonus to defenses. I was able to purchase Dragoon 6 before I got heavy prof r2, which is NOT correct.
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Thanks that was the problem…not having heavy armor prof 2
Still think Unbreakable vs Dragoon is not scaled correctly!!
To be honest I think the issues are people comparing apples with oranges and just wanting to see big numbers at the same time as getting stupidly obsessed with physical resistance.

+5 to a crit roll is neither here nor there whereas a total of +10 to resistances (+1 to all ten resistances) is actually massive

Be careful what you wish for as too much complaining about wanting unbreakable to progress every level and the devs are likely to "balance" it by letting it go up every level but only adding +1 to Physical saves not all ten saves.
How much does 1 Fire Resist help as opposed to 0 Fire Resist (or sonic, acid, etc.)?

I think this math might be the key to people valuing all those +1s.
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