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Crowdforging: Changes to War of Towers for EE 4.0

Caldeathe Baequiannia
Coolio. I still think that NPC settlements should have their training reduced, but this seems cool.
Over time, as the gap between towerless PC settlements and NPC settlements grows, this will ahve exactly that effect. In a few weeks, it will still be 8 at Marchmont, and 10 or 11 at the towerless settlements. that should be a good incentive. Now it's up to us to explain to them that if they stick around Marchmont until Level 8, they're going to have that much more stuff in the bank to haul to their new home.
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Hobson Fiffledown
This does a good job of addressing my concerns with the WoT upcoming changes. I agree that the smaller settlements should have a little more time to become larger settlements.
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I believe Talonguard will be happy with this change to WoT, compared to the original planned EE4 WoT changes
So, gave this a little more thought and while I believe it's closer than the first version, it is falling just a bit shy of what it needs to do.

1. NPC settlements leveling up to 8 will not create enough immediate pressure to move out. It really should be NPC settlements to level 6 and all tier 2 at PC settlements. That'll get them jumping.

2. WoT still won't create the conflict it needs to when this deploys on Thursday. As a matter of fact, it won't mean hardly anything until characters hit level 11 about a month/month and half from now (more for most people) and 6 towers are required.

With that in mind my suggestion would be:

NPC settlements to level 6

PC settlements with no towers to level 7

2 towers per level, max training at level 12 would require 10 towers and starting Thursday the highest trained characters on the server need to be in settlements that hold 6 towers.
I agree with Avari, drop the NPC settlement level to either 6 or 7.
This change will keep the unsettled from T2 stuff, and in turn cause them to jump to player settlements, even those that have no towers.
Settlements with no towers will slowly gain more players and then might try to take some towers.
They just need the T2 access.
If we had 33 active settlements, each could hold 3 towers with 26 left to fight over to get to level 10. So 8 settlements could possibly get to level 11 with the remaining 26 and no fighting really needed. Since we do not have 33 active settlements [30? 29?], that would give about 4 towers to everyone with 5 or so left over. We probably won't see a lot of PvP over the towers for the first month but once people start working on getting to level 11, there should be an increase in fighting over towers.

That should give GW time to work on various settlement features, like alignment and limiting settlement training based on the company you are a member of, which should slowly move the unaligned folks out of starter settlements into the PC settlements. But there still won't be a need for most of the PCs to move out of starter settlement for another month or two because the starter villages let you level up so high. I would still like to see starter villages limited to level 5 or 6 instead of 8 but that is a minor matter that can be looked at again in a month or so.

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My 2 cents: Don't give the settlements that don't want to work for their towers rank 9 training for free. Lock them at 8 and knock the NPC settlements down to Rank 7, max. Rank 7 in the NPC settlements will mean no one who isn't attached to a settlement will be able to access T2 levels of power (aside from T2 gathering). Leaving Non-tower getters at Rank 8 means they still get T2 combat capability but have to trade for all of their T2 gear. Likely this will mean they want to fight for towers, too.

The proposed set up will leave us right where we are: folks hanging out in NPC settlements will still have no real incentive to leave; Folks in tiny settlements will have no reason to try harder or band together; and folks in larger settlements will still have enough towers to go around without us having to fight over them (because of the settlements content to sit at Rank 9 and wait for GW to (hold their hand and) increase that to Rank 10 for them).

If you want us to fight over towers, make them genuinely scarce by forcing the little settlements to throw into the fray as well. If you want NPC settlement campers to move out of the garage, then leave them with piss poor training options. Gale is currently attached to a settlement; but under the set up you ahve propsed above, he doesn't need to be and won't need to be for a good month or more without his T2 power being limited all that greatly. And when he is limited by the NPC settlement training but still wants to continue an isolationist approach to gameplay? He can join one of the little settlements that doesn't want to fight for towers and still get the benefits of being in a PC settlement.

Little settlements (10 players or fewer) can band together in a few settlements but still occupy their homes just fine, if they want to. They'll just have to accept that advanced training in their home will not be an option until a) WoT is over or b) they have enough members that the players can "leave the nest" and hold their own set of towers.

Give us a game, please! Stop going halfsies on fixing problems only to leave the status quo intact. Take a page out of Stephen's expendables book. *shudders* Well maybe not the whole page.
I'm really liking the idea of 2 towers per/level, it makes every tower precious. It makes a 4 tower swipe a real kick in the nuts, a 2 level downgrade hurts and requires immediate action. It's also an easier increment to attain for the smaller groups trying to move up in the world.
My 2 cents: Don't give the settlements that don't want to work for their towers rank 9 training for free.
I don't agree. Let's give the little guys a little more time to collect. Especially with the new settlement recruitment stuff going in soon - let's give them one more shot, okay?

Regardless, they'll soon feel the hurt in a month or two when they can't train their stuff as high as "the participating settlements." give it a month, or three. By the new design, the "non-participating settlements" need to do something "soon" or not at all.

Give us a game, please! Stop going halfsies on fixing problems only to leave the status quo intact.
This makes you sound very demanding. Please don't sound demanding.
Please delete this thread/comment.
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