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What will be wiped in the future ?

While talking to other players I got different information from them, so I would just like to understand what will be wiped in the future and what might be wiped. The reason i would like to know is to be able to plan my in-game activities for now.

From what I gathered so far:
- Accumulated XP will not get wiped, and respec will not be available ever
- Achievements will not be wiped
- Settlement buildings will be wiped at some point
- Gathered resources might be wiped at some point

What about already learned recipes (crafting knowledge) ?
What about recipes in vault/inventory ?
What about refined/crafted items ?

Can a dev confirm or clarify ?

Leader of Dei Lucrii Trading
There was an Alpha to EE wipe (Character wipe).
There will be NO MORE WIPES, unless something major happens and it's required.

Now there will be a Cataclysm which will remove all the towers (replacing them with POIs), and a wipe to all the PC settlement buildings except the bank. Then the Founding company can custom build their settlement to what they want.

Resources will get tweaked by the devs when they feel it needs a tweak.
It's a Great Catastrophe.

See Goblinworks Blog: The War of the Towers.

Lee Hammock
Will the settlement template model have any lasting effects post-Great Cataclysm, or do we start from scratch at that point?

Template will likely have some effect on post-Great Catastrophe starter settlement buildings.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
I'm still hoping for meteoric activity, which is much better described as a cataclysm. smile

Sudden, and violent, gets my vote.
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Yeah I more or less understand the cataclysm and that's fine, my concern is that if there is a chance there will be a wipe on recipes, resources, then I will not put days/weeks into farming mobs/gather resources.
Leader of Dei Lucrii Trading
Nothing on your character sheet will be wiped. Learned recipes and expendables are yours forever.

I think it very unlikely that settlement banks will be wiped. We know we'll have the opportunity to start stockpiling "bulk resources" prior to the catastrophe so that we'll be able to rebuild quickly and maintain what we rebuild, so if bulk storage survives the catastrophe there's no reason personal storage wouldn't. Besides, ff settlement banks were going to be wiped , people would just move all their stuff to the Thornkeep bank.
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Ryan Dancey
The only things that will change are the removal of the current Towers, and eventually the conversion through a processs tbd of the Settlements to truly player-designed layouts and the risk of Settlement destruction plus the potential to build new Settlements.

Your character, inventory, Abadar credit, etc is permanent (barring something really funky that needs to be fixed for the good of the game.)
Thanks for the clarification, off to farm then smile
Leader of Dei Lucrii Trading
Yeah. Any MMO lives under the specter of server rollback in a true disaster scenario, but PFO is no more likely to have that happen than any other game at this point.

I think the unicorns should be wiped.

Especially the slightly fluffy pinkish ones.
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