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Expendable Potency

Brighthaven Leader
Just dropping a quick line here

Using Cleric Expendables:

Lesser Inflict: Interrupted so many times I stopped trying to use it.
Lesser Cure: When I could get it off, life safer, as long as I am not targeted then it works.
Blessing: Long buff times are pretty good.
Holy Light: Good damage, but interrupted a few times.
Sound Burst: I only Alpha'd with this attack, alright damage and debuff.

I was fighting against Bandits and Ogres mostly, solo and with a group, for about 2 hours. Personally, I think the casting times are still too long for these, but they do require decent timing to get off regularly. Mostly, they are used to start a PvE encounter, and not used anymore after that.
Brighthaven is a Neutral Good settlement focused on defending its citizens and its allies from negative fringe based PvP (Player Killing and Griefing) while striving to become a large and shining beacon for Good. Whether you wish to benefit from this protection or you love PvP and wish to assist in providing this protection, Brighthaven aims to be the home and support center for you!
I did some more testing. The Mob-density bug has a nice side-effect: directly outside the ringroad around a settlement, but still within the settlement hex, there are now frequent low level spawns like bandits, wolves and Ogres (in duos). Immediately behind that, in the next hex you can see the huge amounts of escalationmobs but luckily I did not have to venture out there to do my testing. smile

I worked with Orange Ogres beating on me, Orange alpha wolves, packs of regular wolves and lots of bandits.

A few general remarks:

First, I had no problem with interrupts at all, *exept* when a bandit archer(ranged) or Ogre Lout(melee) had run out of Endurance, and went into full interrupt mode. When this happens these mobs use attacks that is impossible to break through. Only Half Draw manages to get through sometimes but not always. When I reached this state with an Ogre in Melee I simply had to run because I could not get a single attack or heal through again. Mind Blank and Freedom seem to do absolutely nothing here: I used Bulwark, but to no effect at all. Is this working? There are no icons and no FX either, just an attack motion with your char and then nothing. I had no problems with interrupts when Ogres still had Endurance to burn, or with packs of regular bandits or wolves on me in melee.

Secondly, Tokens are now super-useful. Their durations make me want to use them for fights where I may draw one or two extra mobs for sure. I am now happy to find a few tokens in my Inventory as loot and will surely use them in the fights to come. So these have gone from trash loot to "cool, I have a few more Dodge tokens".

The Dodge token (big boost to Reflex) for instance lowered the attacks of an Alpha Wolf from 30 to 22. This effect was easiest to measure without parsing. Hopefully others can parse the Strike, Riposte and Parry tokens and see what they do for + damage. The durations are great and you can do at least 1, maybe two fights with one token. Mind Blank and freedom tokens again had no measurable effect exept for the Quickened which was nice.

The utility Shield of Faith is now also very useful: this boosts my physical resistance from 30 to 42 for 18 seconds and I saw the attacks of an orange Ogre Lout (who still had Endurance) go from 44 to 20! Potential lifesaver.

Cleric Expendables: All Buffs(Resist Energy, Endure Elements, Aid, Blessing) are now usefull due to their duration, imo: will need to do more testing to see if the boosts in attack are worth the Powercost, and wether the saves (Endure Elements and Resist Energy) are worth it. Holy Light does nice damage but I will probably still prefer to save power and use a bow attack instead. It now kills a Bandit Recruit in one shot, but so does Overdraw which only costs me a single arrow. Hopefully this spell does a lot more damage to undead. Lesser Inflict does whopping damage and I had no trouble channeling this through the attacks of an orange Ogre, unless he had run out of endurance. Will use this expendable for sure. Lesser Cure: great spell, no problem channeling this unless mobs go into "interupt mode".

Midnight: Oblisvious and Stun not working yet so could not test this.

Overall: I now felt that my Expendable bar was an asset to my Combat, and whenever I ran out of Power, I felt the need to replenish it. Which was a new experience since I only used Augment and Lesser Cure before this and never really ran out. smile

So apart from the flunky Freedom and Mindblank not doing anything (that I could notice), and Oblivious and Crowd control conditons not working yet, I am very happy with these changes from a solo/PvE viewpoint. I did not feel overpowered: I am now sporting a Captains Chainmail +1 with 915 HP and around 270 Power, and you can still get owned if you take too many of these low level mobs on you, especially if you do not pay attention. But now I can have two orange mobs on me in melee, or a large pack of Wolves and feel that I can work my way out of that if I use my expendables. Most certainly if you buff up before the fight. Or just feel powerful for a change.

It is also a treat to use Tokens now: loot just became more yummy. So Happy Days. smile

When the mob-density bug has been solved I will test some more on small groups of Moloch Knights (red) and their servants which are yellow. Will also test the Save vs elements buffs with these mobs since they use alot of fire.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Brighthaven Leader
So, coming back to this:

Everything is so slow, it feels like it drags with that extra second to second and a half. Some debuffs are too strong, and Stuns/Immobilizes are generally too long. A lot of things need to be scaled back, and the time it takes to cast/use needs to be reduced as well.

Damage across the board seemed fine though (even when taking it), and the longer duration buffs were good too.

I still stand by my original balances and fixes though.
Can others post some comments on expendable usage?
Brighthaven is a Neutral Good settlement focused on defending its citizens and its allies from negative fringe based PvP (Player Killing and Griefing) while striving to become a large and shining beacon for Good. Whether you wish to benefit from this protection or you love PvP and wish to assist in providing this protection, Brighthaven aims to be the home and support center for you!
Attack Times for some Wizard Spells are so long that they're no longer functionally useful. It seems really unfortunate to me that Tangle Bombs are more effective than Web, and that I basically have to get in a position where my target is running towards me to get Hideous Laughter to hit while my target is still in range.

Or perhaps I just have the wrong idea about how Web and Hideous Laughter are intended to be used.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
I am slowly developing tactics where I get to use the Expendables more and more. This is still from a solo perspective, PvE, fighting red Moloch Knights, High Priests, Adepts, Priests and Captains, and their yellow minions.

Today: Holy Light.

I find Holy Light(CL, level 3, 35 yards, DPS) a great Spell now; I use it indeed as a finisher, and on specific mobs. Knights, while running at me, have no means of stunning me so this never gets interrupted then. Since Exploit was nerfed, my DPS is not fast enough anymore to kill a Knight before it, and more importantly its cronies reach me with just bow-attacks: my stamina will not allow this. Holy Light saves the day. When I can get a knight alone(no adds), I can take more time and use a sequence of bow attacks that go Dps + Distressed–> DPS + Slow(on distressed) –> DPS + slow(on Opportunity)–> mob slowed toa crawl, finished with Half Draw.

I do this to save the power from Holy Light then. I feel the balance is there with this spell. Powerfull enough to use it in situations that would otherwise be hard, costly enough to preserve power if I can(for those super important heals).

I usually can even get the spell off when I am in melee range. However I am not trying to use it with an archer interrupting me. But I think there are plenty of mobs that do not stun so regularly that you can not use this.

Again, PvE/solo. It adds a lot to my combat fun. I hope others chime in with experiences in groups and PvP.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Fireball just seemed like a disappointment, given the level, and casting time.

The much shorter duration of Haste (3 vs 10 rounds) compared to other group power based buffs made it seem not worthwhile. Energetic field lasts almost as long (2 vs 3 rounds),lacks the lengthy cast time of haste, adds more bonus buffs, AND fits better into duration of a pve encounter. 3.5 second cast times for group buffs is a significant pause given how poorly spells work on moving allies; this gets worse for the class features which fully match several group buffs, like transmuter; casting all 3 means 10.5s pause, whuch needs to be done out if combat to not buff enemies.

Force Missile seemed worthwhile on high purples.

Speed and Strength, with 10 round duration, work pretty nicely for personal use, though the bug of losing them when crossing a hex border is an irritation.
Of the expendables I have used (wizard spells only, level 3 max):
- self-only buffs feel about right, although the hex border thing is quite annoying
- debuffs don't feel worth using in PvE (probably related to effects not consistently working against mobs)
- the only single target attack I've tried (Force Missile) feels useful (extended casting time while rooted, but packs a punch)
- AoE attacks feel underpowered compared to similar cantrips and given the extended casting time while rooted (I'm looking at you, fireball)
Testing cleric expendables:

-Divine strength has a nice duration. Not quite cast and forget it, but you don't have to rebuff every pull.
-I don't think I would often choose the extra power cost of using Divine Power over Divine Strength, particularly when the encumbrance bonus doesn't wear off until crossing a hex border.
-Resist Energy/Endure Elements could use a little increase in duration if they are intended to be able to be cast on more than one person per fight. Since aggro is currently random on pull, it is kind of a crap shoot on who to buff if there's a nasty caster incoming.
-AoE buffs need to last a bit longer. 2-3 rounds just isn't that much when you have to coordinate a group of people to do something and I have to cast at least a round ahead of time to allow for the longer cast time of whatever spell I am going to cast for the actual fight.
-The long cast time of burst to self spells combined with friendly fire makes them extremely rarely used. In a group, they can't really be used first, as it requires running into the group of mobs, and most of them run off to attack the rest of the group. Solo, running into a group of mobs and then trying to cast it is suicide, assuming it isn't interrupted (which it usually is). In PvP, the chance that you can stand in the middle of a group of enemies solo for the full cast time is almost none, and if you have friends to keep them occupied, they get zapped.
-The ranged debuffs aren't terrible, but with only being able to cast once per fight, I don't really bother in PvE. They don't apply enough stacks to be that helpful on their own, and if they apply a state that someone can use, coordinating taking advantage of a 4-6 second window of state in a moving battle with 3 second cast/weapon time is rarely worth the power. I definitely never use them when solo, there just isn't enough time to take advantage of states and debuff stacks before they wear off. These are almost always saved for PvP, where they have a lot more effect and fights don't usually last long enough to worry about power consumption.
Dazyk of Phaeros
Of the full bar of lv 1 to 3 expendables I have for my trophy charm, I only ever use Augment anymore, and most of the time that doesn't even work. If I get in to a situation where I need to use Augment, I have to know at least one or two rounds in advance so that I can a) get some distance (to avoid being interrupted), and b) time the cast so that I don't die first.

As for the other fighter expendables, I spent a few weeks trying to use them in combat, but gave up after finding it nearly impossible to pull them off.
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Tink says Stab
Personally, I would like to see how much the combat upgrades (and the fixes to interrupt) change how useful they are in PvE. Right now you basically cannot cast one if a mob is looking at you funny. That might change once we can downgrade interrupt with our defenses.
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