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Dreamless {Kreuz Bernstein}

WHO: Dreamless Company - Kreuz Bernstein Settlement

WHAT: We are Lawful Neutral - We are, first and foremost, traders. We are also a PvE group who hunts escalations and gathers while out. We utilize a small holding so those long run-simulation bank runs are not needed. We PvP when guarding shipments (which happened to a couple "unfortunate" ambushers who saw what they thought was a lone target). We have been ambushed successfully too in PvP. Our company has 23 members. We have full members and we have sub-contractors. Chances are you (or your settlement) have dealt with us.

WHERE: We reside in Kreuz Bernstein and utilize the Auction House there.

WHEN: We are mostly US, but some of our members have work schedules that have them playing at non-US prime times thus we have pretty good coverage.

WHY: With the imminent move of starting players to Thornkeep, and the University Commons for new players as our two neighbors, we feel that the KB Auction House will be the most active on the map both now and in the future.

HOW: Contact Coach/Garrigan/Xander ingame or coach on paizo forums for a) joining or; b) sub-contracting; or c) placing orders. We were huge backers in the Tech Demo Kickstarter and Crowdforger Guild in the last Kickstarter and have purchased a few small holdings. We were a successful mining guild in Star Wars Galaxies and eventually had a worth in the billions of credits selling bio-engineered pets. This company is here to stay and is looking for new members.
Sounds like you'll make a fine company to join of the Highroad Convenant Alliance*.
Out of the Highroad Convenant, Talonguard is a crafting town that runs a Weekly Escalation hunt with it's allies.
Now as Talonguard leader, I would also allow you to run independently. It would be similar to Tavernhold's "Outsiders" company.
You get the befit of being settlement sponsored, and we get more trade running through Talonguard and more crafting done in Talonguard.
Talonguard's location will allow it to become a major trade hub given it's location now and when the map expands later.
We also have local resources that allow for finished product.

Highroad Convenant Alliance is made of the settlements, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Stoneroot Glade
double post
we have added 8 members

they will not show up on the company list ingame because of all the bugs we are not inviting just to have to do it again

lately we have added folks with a ranger and druid interest

some are banking xp for when those classes are added

which makes our Company perfect because they can actively enjoy the game while not having to spend gobs of XP to be viable at what we do

more to come
Thanks for having me coach. Dreamless is perfect for my long-term character outlook and what a great group to play with.
welcome Suave

a slight change to the above list, we are leaning to a LN alignment at this time, which fits both our trading mentality AND gets our clerics and future-druids and future-rangers to "one-step away" alignment-wise that they needed to get

edited: initial post to show the new alignment stated from the march 2nd post
we continue to craft and trade with the big boys (and in some ways better as you can actually make your own coin as you get to sell your products rather than turn the refines/crafts in)

outputting Captain's Chain +2 and Dwarven Steel Banded +2 on Canis Castrum Auction House

Resource trades last week totalled a combined 2gp 30sp

Greenweed, Coal, Lodestone, Iron, Adhesive, and all other T2 as needed

come join us
The Force (Influence?) is strong in us
Moved the company to Kreuz Bernstein

the auction house there is filling up nicely
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