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Light Armor Proficiency

Ulf Stonepate
Level 2 of this feat requires an eleven in any of four stats: STR, DEX, WIS, or PER. However, the skills it boosts are mostly CON-based. Further, Pioneer 8 requires both a CON of 12 and Light Armor Prof 2 - essentially double-gating.

Since Pioneer is a Light Armor feat, it seems like its primary stats should fit the gate requirements for that type of armor.

Please add a Constitution gate to this feat.
Light armor is also for rogues. That's where the Dex gating comes in.

EDIT: Ignore me, I misunderstood your point. to tired to be posting smile
Please delete this thread/comment.
My ban has now gone from 7 days to permanent with a chance to appeal after 6 months. Paizo has violated the ToS and EULA, which mention nothing about repercussions for actions on the forums resulting in loss of access to the game client. I have not done anything in violation of the rules which would warrant a ban from the game client.
Already in patch notes to have a con gate….
Ulf Stonepate
So it is….

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