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Early Enrollment

New to pathfinder online but played the tabletop rpg for years. Had one question about early enrollment though. If I sign up to play in the early enrollment and pay the $50 it costs, what exactly does it get me? Do I get playtime until the actual game is released, then I would have one month of gametime, or for $50 would I be getting one month of beta gametime? I see that more gametime can be added, however, this seems to be taking the crowdforging idea and running far far away with it.

Help a newb out
Deianira Sunstorm
When the free time that comes with the $50 (I think it's a month?) runs out, then yes, you'll have to pay a monthly subscription to keep playing. It's best to think of Early Enrollment as early access, and not a beta in the traditional sense. There will be no character wipe at the end of EE, so the character you start on day one of your EE account will keep going forward into OE with all her skills, achievements, and reputation intact. You'll have the better part of a year's head start on OE players, and the chance to help chart the course of the game in general, and the settlement you eventually join in particular.

That said, do you have one of the free trials? (Apologies if you do and I just don't recognize your name; my online time's been very hit-and-miss lately.)

And there are a lot of Pathfinder RPG players wandering around PFO. Many of us are clustereed in Emerald Lodge, so be sure to swing by and say hi.
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You need to sub any extra months you decide to play and are basically paying to help support the game and for a chance to get involved in the early development of the game and help create the player settlement /companies that will likely dominate the first few years of the game.


1. It is not TT Pathfinder. You will not be able to recreate your TT build in PFO. A better name would probably have been Golarion Online. It has a Pathfinder feel and a pathfinder setting and Pathfinder roles to some limited extent but for legal and practical reasons it is not the PFO TT rules. Among other things key differences, there are role based training caps but no total XP cap and abilities are gateways and have no direct mechanical advantage in the game.

2. You are not paying for a fully developed game. If you are actually looking for a completed game to play you may be better either waiting for OE or maybe subbing just for a month or two to see what you think and then waiting for OE. It's very important to realize you are not paying for a complete game. If you want a fully functional game and are likely to feel "cheated" if the game is not as feature rich as a released game then wait for OE.

Note that while the game is not complete it is however very playable and can actually be quite addictive.

Note that many people have subbed from the start of EE with the intention of keeping their characters training for the full EE period to get a "headstart" in the game but that is not really the main purpose of the sub, more a nice bonus if you do sub the first 12 months.
Dazyk of Phaeros
Who are you calling addicted!?

Oh… Wait. Never mind, sorry.
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No Deianira, i dont have a free trial. That would be nice though. Simply interested in how the funding works.
Deianira Sunstorm
No Deianira, i dont have a free trial. That would be nice though. Simply interested in how the funding works.

I have a trial invitation available; I just need an email to send it to. If you don't eant to post it here, you can PM me on the Paizo forum - I'm just Deianira there.
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