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Gaining Reputation

After playing in "Adventure Time with Bonny" and getting my rep down to -6k+, I realized how hard it was to get reputation back up. Therefore, I think that people should be able to earn their way to goodness by doing other things than just being online. This may already be planned but I just want to voice it. When doing some of the skeleton escalation stuff I felt that reputation boosts could tie into doing certain thins for escalations, like blessing a grave could increase your reputation positively by a small amount.
I 2nd this, not because I intend to be a bandit/assassin and am afraid of low rep, but because currently (and I know it is subject to change and tweaking for balance) there is NO PVP without gimping your character severely and for a long while. I know the normal systems like war and feuds are not in yet, and that will likely be the intended form of PVP, but there is no way to really test PVP currently in alpha without throwing away the character.
Ryan Dancey
The implication of being able to grind for rep is that we put a carrot in front of people who want to do bad things with less consequences. Long rep recovery is a way of dissuading bad behavior.
Ryan Dancey
The implication of being able to grind for rep is that we put a carrot in front of people who want to do bad things with less consequences. Long rep recovery is a way of dissuading bad behavior.

Yay smile

As someone who's had no problem at all maintaining my Reputation, even in the massive melees we've done during Adventure Time with Bonny (including the big PvP-fest the last time the Darksiders were around), I really like the fact that Reputation can only be gained over time.

I don't mean to be insensitive to those who are suffering, but the reality is that you need to get used to not using AoEs when someone outside your group is near your target, and to paying attention well enough that you don't hit another player twice when you accidentally target them.

I'm very hopeful that the accidental targeting will be fixed soon.

But I'm still a little concerned that there's nothing to warn the player they're about to lose Reputation…
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Brighthaven Leader
I want to mention that if this is indeed the way it will be, there needs to fixes to targeting and the mouse.

In combat, AtwB specifically, we fought the Ustlavians and I would accidentally target friendlies, because when I let up on my mouse (I use it to steer and look around) it ends up targeting someone. I don't realize this, and then proceed to attack them, until I do realize, sometimes it was just 1 hit, sometimes 2, but if they die then I take a MASSIVE hit to reputation.

This needs to be changed, or your going to end up having everyone who uses their mouse stuck outside of their settlements for weeks. 10 people, almost half of those doing AtwB, were left out in the cold, because they had less than -2500 reputation. Bonny herself had -4000 or something, and she was just healing!
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I don't mind sever concequenses, I really don't, but there is a point when it makes it completely undoable. MAYBE once targeting gets fixed and a few tweaks here and there it will be manageable, but in it's current state, there is no way to test and mess around with PVP. As a PVPer, I want to test this out during alpha. Not only the rate at which rep comes and goes, but also different builds vs other builds, and tactics, how many person doing 1 attack = "one shot" on a player, ect. These things are unable to be tested at all without making a throw away character.

Maybe give us a week or something where the focus of that week is pvp? Turn the rep off, or greatly increase the regen of rep so that we can test and experiment with PVP. How else are we to ensure PVP is balanced to where GW wants it? You gave us more exp this past week to test with higher lvl stuff, could this be possible?

The intent is to be able to pvp AND still be able to train after the fact, but only during this week. That is what I am suggesting.
"Targeting needs to be fixed so that players don't get unintended rep loss" is very different feedback from "rep mechanics need to be changed". I think the former point has been made clearly enough. We can't accurately judge the latter until we see the results of the former.
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I concur with Cheatle's recommendation, but I also very much like the severity and the exclusive means of regaining rep AND the fact that you have to actually work it off in-game.

I would very much like to see it explained, in detail with examples, to the players by EE.

I would also very much like it if it is shown that formation combat should be a way to minimize friendly fire/collateral damage in both PvP and PvE. This, plus the limited range of healing, should form the basis for real tactical planning on the battlefield. If only there were line-of-sight/use-of-terrain applications as well…
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I agree with Cheatle and feel the same way. I have no problem with the system, I just think it's too easy to lose rep from targeting friendlies or yourself. I also see reverse griefing happening here. Say someone want to fight you, but doesn't want to lose rep. They notice you are AoEing a pack of mobs. They run into those mobs so you will hit them too, hit your rep and flag you possibly so they can kill you without rep loss of their own.
Ryan Dancey
qMan - in a more advanced state you should be warned before taking an action that hurts your rep. In a more immediate state, don't do that AoE twice (or more).
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