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Deities and Domains: Can we have a more robust list?

Ragathiel. Just a thought for the crusader types.

Not that there are a lot of those I know.

Who never stop talking about him.

Who am I kidding, add him so they stop yammering….

Can confirm. Have been yammering.
Though, I would accept Empyreal Lords in general, even if I can't have Ragathiel.
I think the next set of deities should be crowd forged.
Will the single-deity (and associated domains) restriction at least be on hold until the next round (and preferably more) of deities/domains make it into the game?
I am hoping for the possibility of the "agnostic" Clerics. In TT you can be a cleric of an ideal and have no deity and no favored weapon, but pick any two domains with a convincing connection. Channeled energy is based on your alignment still. Only good can heal/turn, and evil can harm/rebuke. Neutral gets to pick which they want.
Ooh ee Ooh ah ah walla walla ting tang.
Brighthaven Leader
Lee said that we will be able to grab 3 deities with the default medium building, or at least he thinks we will be able to.

As for crowdforging the next iteration of deities, I hope that doesn't happen, they need to get in the core pantheon, which is around 11 deities, it might not be what you want, but it is the core gods.
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Tork Shaw
Temples can support up to 3 deities IN TOTAL with upgrades. The one you pick when building it and then 2 more as upgrades.

Of course, the design may have changed since then.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
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