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Divine Melee Attacks Should be Wisdom Based

Thought I would put this out here as another topic even though I added this comment to the other thread. The new attacks have Strength as the ability requirement which now means I have to find a way to increase both Strength and Wisdom in order to level up both sets of attacks. This seems like a truly grueling task as none of the Cleric other requirements increase Strength, they increase Wisdom. Wisdom ought to be the basis for these attacks also, otherwise why even bother to have these attacks you could just be a multi-classed Fighter/Cleric. If these are Divine attacks based on connection to your chosen deity then Wisdom should be the key Ability score.
If you read a bit more into it, the Divine weapon attack feats run off a weapon prof and it's attack bonus.
So Short Swords/Rapiers use Light attack bonus
Bows use ranged attack bonus
and Longswords/Greatswords/Polearms/Clubs us the Heavy attack bonus.

They never use the Divine attack bonus, but give a divine rank boost for there use.
Keep in mind that the Sanctified weapons aren't implemented yet - it is possible that they will use Divine attack bonus (though I have no idea if that is actually the plan).
Sorry it's not the attack bonus I'm talking about. I'm talking about requiring 14 Strength ability to gain rank 4 in these divine melee feats rather than 14 Wisdom ability score. I also see though that specific attack ability Heavy Melee weapon is also based off of Strength. So that requirement also poses a problem. Simplest would be to allow Heavy Melee attack to also be met by Wisdom for Clerics only with Divine Weapon Feats.
Stephen posted that clerics who chose to use the new melee attacks will have to develop a hybrid build. If you want a pure, single stat character, you'll need to stick with your focus.
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A cleric that smashes people in the face with a gargantuan flaming greatsword is using his strength more than his wisdom at the moment. Sanctified weapons are only for clerics who want more offensive power than provided by the focus, and they recieve divine category achievements instead of martial/subterfuge from regular weapons to assist clerical development.

But you still need muscles to use a mace or greatsword.
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In TT clerics with melee weapons use strength.

I sorta recall there might be somewhere a special class/feat to use wisdom to hit (probably in 3.5) but if so it was by no means a standard thing.
Basically these are physical weapon attacks and not the 'spiritual weapon' spell.
Might be better to think of hybrid fighter/clerics as proto-paladins.

(Edam: you thinking about zen archers?)
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Maybe we should give clerics actual spiritual weapons to use.
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