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A Dangerous World a Step Too Far / or Something that is needed

I just played a game last night , where for the first time in years I felt scared. And it was not due to PvP which is another discussion point .

With a group of friends we Adventured for hours with the odds stacked against us , with no free roads and no easy mode gathering. And all because Goblinworks got their numbers wrong .

Again the Best night of gaming I have really had against a World/PvE for many years and something that should be thought about.
    We Died more than normal (normal is that you don't die in this World in its current state) We Advanced into dangerous territory …. We fought our way out of Dangerous territory (Now that is a novel experience) We gained Valuable loot , which we managed to get to a safe haven. And then Greed got the better of us and we all died horribly and lost loot and praise be to Pharasma for rescusing us all

Now the observations I would raise are below:-
    We actually used roads for the first time ever in this game , if they are not normally needed why are they in existence ? Real Danger Needs to Exist and the fun and free content generated by this is important…. Game play and fun also need to exist , not contrived placeholder mechanics that railroad people as an afterthought or so it seems …. Having a World that has a scare factor where you need to work together is a massive bonus and something that should be valued , not everyone would have enjoyed the last few days but for myself and our intrepid group of adventurers it was an act of survival at is best and was great fun. I could go on and on here for hours but for me this is a chance to reflect on the bigger picture. The Point of this in Summary is : I Please hope Goblin works start to respond and crowd forge to meet the requirements of their player base that are enjoying the game in it's current state and not just the Vocal minority. I please hope Goblin works uses it's (IP) to bring as many people to live in a real Fantasy World with a real back story and History and to use this for the benefit of all of it's player base. Including aspirations from differing perspectives Individual to Group to Empire. What has happened over the past few days with (EE4) has a lot of value I respect that in a Live Development environment that we are all in , a lot of people don't appreciate the ups and downs I do and hope that Goblin works can get on top of all the challenges. Please note this is a note or discussion point which focuses on the World and everyone ability to exist within it and what the World can throw at the Player Base and developing mechanics that improve this.
I'd expect monster hexes, escalations and dungeons to be what most of us experienced yesterday. In a way it was a good bug.
I REALLY enjoyed 4.1 as well. Fix Fighter Training Bug, Make it so that monsters don't spawn around respawn-shrines so that you get stuck in an infinite death loop, and have it so that 'roads' are, for the most part, a safer way to travel than the wilderness, and I think you have a pretty good solution.

I did hear a lot of gripes from gatherer's, though. Perhaps, a trade off could be made? If we really want that kind of density, then perhaps majorly enhance the production per node? Or make a node stick around for five harvests per node?

The main complaint gatherer's have, is that it makes nearly impossible for them to gather alone, while an adventurer class can slowly solo their way through most monster density (with exceptions, of course). The above solution would resolve the problem two fold.

First) It encourages group play. Where as now, it would be slightly frustrating baby-sitting gatherers with the way gathering works now. One Node Harvest, Disappears, clear four monster groups, one more node harvest, kill six more monster groups to get to a node, node harvest, etc. This is fine if the mobs in question happen to be something that the Adventure class wants to fight (i.e. they are farming skeletons for divine, or higher level mobs for drops), but when it is swarms of goblins and bandits…meh

Second) If the gatherer really wants to solo, if he can at least find one or two nodes that he can clear to, he will be able to get a decent chunk of resources, while still having the immense risk of 'if I sneeze wrong and am not aware of my surroundings, I will die'. It ups the incentive for them to actually take the risk of gathering, as opposed to waiting for their party to hold their hand.

Third) Gatherer, arm thyself! Will encourage gatherer groups to invest in low tier weapon skills, if they want to do their own clearing. With the usefulness of Knowledge skills having been spoken of in relation to Holding management, it would complement their Gathering contribution to Holdings. In this scenario, gatherer's now are Harvesting Nodes, Clearing Mob groups for salvage and recipes (thus choosing to increase Knowledge skills for drops and future content), and are making themselves a bit more durable in general (which will also aid them in case a PVPer comes a long).

Ultimately, the risk we felt during 4.1 was amazing for a lot of us, and having that risk, imho, adds value. If gatherer's can harvest with impunity, it largely devalues of the corresponding resources. If there is a clear and present danger when one chooses to gather, that gets calculated into the cost curve for the resources gathered.

I also see this as a way for 'smaller settlements' to differentiate them selves. Form a 'harvest schedule' where you will have defenders and scouts. Offer their services in Marchmont for the gatherer types that are interested in that play style. Also provides more of a reason for new players to join a Settlement, given that it is another nudge for 'play with others'.
The main complaint gatherer's have, is that it makes nearly impossible for them to gather alone, while an adventurer class can slowly solo their way through most monster density (with exceptions, of course).

ah … no

At least not unless you live in one of those areas where your adjoining hexes mainly spawn wolves and bandits.

There is no way you could solo through ogre country even with Tier 2 gear.

Keepers we fight ogres all the time, I happily stand and fight up to 3 ogres so long as only one is red. More than that solo means picking off one or two and then running but with the mob density running was impossible.
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