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How much would you trade for expendable spells/maneuvers?

Curious as to how much people would price in let's say coal or silver coins for various expendable spells/maneuvers. I imagine the level of the expendable could multiply the value. Based on the effort required to farm and rarity of drops, I imagine the pricing of expendables would be quite high, yes?

I feel like a rough estimate is that in an hour or two of mob farming I might get one expendable drop. Does that seem roughly like what others experience?
That probably depends on the mob. To get an expendable to drop every hour or two in EE 3.1 probably meant you were mainly taking out reds and purples.

Level 1 expendables are actually in relatively good supply as most people went back and ran all four new tutorials meaning they ended up with expendables for the roles they are not using that they could trade off. For roles like rogue where htere are only something like 3 level one expendables anyway there is actually quite a surplus as a result of the traing tutorials.

You also need to factor in that escalation bosses are now dropping expendables.

Also - it is hard to get a general price, a level 1 Lesser Cure is going to be way more saleable than a level 1 Bolos and a level 2 Augment you could probably name your price.
Yeah, Augment is a bit special. Could I get a few good T2 recipes for the spare that I have or is that asking too much?
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Pulled a Redouble yesterday smile Offers?
Still got that Redouble, Grip ?
Quijenoth Starkiller
Personally I would not pay more than 2-3 Silver per level of the spell as a guide. However, as has been said, certain expendables are a lot more valuable than others and if I really desire them I may go higher.

Level ones that people are farming from their 3rd character slot in Marchmont have been placed on the AH for like 5 silver or more!
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yes still have the Redouble … and a Chase now also
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