Come one, come all to The Laughing Ogre Alehouse! Located in Keeper's Pass, this fine establishment welcomes all comers. We are particularly favorable to those wishing to engage in some interesting conversation, but those simply looking to r-energize a bit after time in the wilds are welcome as well. Any individual, regardless of company or settlement affiliation, is welcome so long as you abide our tenet of non-aggression. We do, of course, support bar room brawls as a staple of the realm, ours are just entirely consensual.

We're still missing tables and chairs, but the drinks are good and the people better! To find the alehouse, look to the northern entry to the settlement. Coming through that entryway, you will find The Laughing Ogre Alehouse on your right, just past our Auction Houses. Rumors that the drink is purposely located adjacent to an establishment for spending your coin are entirely fabricated…if we'd had a choice they'd be in the same building! smile
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Why do I support non-aggression? (