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Bug (4.2) (Updated Again): Trainers may not be correctly configured for some Settlements

After DT unbreakable is back at 6. My settlement is Phaeros.
In Forgeholm I am unable to train weaponsmith 10. It does not show as available or unavailable despite Forgeholm having 6 towers.
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One of the Keepers is unable to train Heavy Armor Proficiency 2 at Brighthaven or BWG even though all the settlements involved including KP have enough towers and she meets all the prerequisites. This may be a company issue (she recently changed companies) but mentioning it anyway.
Base rank of 8 plus one level per 3 towers means rank 10 is actually what we should expect in your scenario, Tink.

Actually it looks to me like 8 + tower / 4

We had 7 towers most of the time and we where capped at 9.

On the other hand - you could not get tier 2 training (light armour proficiency 2) in Iron Gauntlet which has no towers. Not sure what 'rank' this would need to be? It was possible to get the training in Hope's End who have around 6+ towers
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Since they closed my thread in the Bug section (at least they gave me the link to this one.)

Our Freeholder and Expert trainers at Keepers seem to be capped at 7 however our Crafting trainers are not.

Oh, and Edam, that is a Character or Company issue for the Heavy Armor Prof 2 as it is available for my character to take once I have the achievements.
Another strange thing is that my stealth seem to have been affected too. NPC seem to notice me from a longer range, so the groups that before I was able to avoid attack the affected character at an higher range.

Not surprising, actually. There was a bugfix back in EE3.0 or EE4.0 that was supposed to enable Perception on NPCs, where it was previously essentially Zero. So now, yes, the NPCs and guards should see you at slightly-improved ranges when you are stealthed.

Unfortunately, Perception vs. stealth is still relatively broken (IMHO), so it makes only a very small difference between an untrained stealther and a trained stealther.

It didn't changed after the patch, it changed together with the loss of Unbreakable. It seem to go together with it. Unbreakable return, my stealth improve, it go down, my stealth get worse.

Another thing about unbreakable. Yesterday it returned to 6 but I had 745 hp. remove it from the paperdoll and put it in again, 805 hp. So my stats aren't updating correctly.

Now the first I do after logging in is checking my stats to see if something is wrong and, if possible I remove all abilities from the paper doll and replace them.
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IS this issue still due to be fixed on Thursday?
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Just as an update we do not have a bug fix in the EE5 build that went live today, but we do have a lot of tracking code added that will hopefully help us find the problem as we have not been able to replicate it on either our internal testing server or Zog. If your towers seem to fix themselves with this patch, please let us know. Stranger things have happened.
Well, something happened in Emerald lodge, my hitpoints are back up, and im able to train at my level again.
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I have Unbreakable 7 again as well, and my hit points 10-11 back. weeeee We're getting there guys. smile
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