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Xavier Sterling
Hello fellow adventurers!

Bought Explorer a week ago and going to be lurking around the game world and the forums trying to level my rogue known by the name of Xavier Sterling.

Interesting to see how the game develops in the near future, seems that the skill system alone is quite a different beast compared to the other MMOs around…

Also looking for a settlement / company that's casual and rogue friendly to find out how settlement / company - side of the game is developing / working.

Cya in game!
Welcome to the game! I am sure you will be bombarded by companies who are recruiting people shortly.

Check out Pathfinder University. Pathfinder University is a company created for new players and can be your home for your first 90 days. New hold daily classes which will both teach you and expose you to companies and settlements across the map. Classes are held at Thornkeep and our settlement is RiverBank.
Pathfinder University Helping new players to enjoy the game.
Daily classes listed at - all are welcome.
Join Pathfinder University for your first 90 days in game.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Stoneroot Glade is Rogue-friendly and casual in the north west with daily forays against the move in the area. We are part of a friendly alliance that covers all training bases and, for the moment, are in a low-PvP area.

If you want to mix it up with PvP on a regular basis, you might prefer a group in the south-centre of the map. Remember you can always move, but the more stuff you have in the bank, the more daunting a task that becomes.
To reach me, email
Welcome, Xavier Sterling.

If you have questions ask around folks will answer your questions.
And be sure to check out the Settlement and Companies subforums for a gaming group that fits your playstyle.
But you should also pay attention to the geography and political landscape when picking a settlement or company.
i.e. In the Western Side of the Map in the Highroad Covenant Alliance* we Are far from the PK/PVP lines in the game. So you can enjoy the PVE content with out getting PKed and robbed of your stuff. We also have local materials that can be made into finished products.

*High Road Convenant Alliance is made of the settlements, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Stoneroot Glade

AZ, Talonguard
Welcome Xavier, my first advice to you would be to find a settlement with players who play during your own playtime. Trying to compile a group with players on the other side of the world is very limiting.
Self-styled Warden of the East, Protector of BaronĀ“s Folly, Hero of the first skirmish.
Is you a mischievous but goodhearted rogue, or a sneaky backstabbin' villain? Xeilias am da evil empire and us fully supports rogues of da latter perswayshun.

Also, us gots orcs fer da rogues ta hide behind.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Erian El ranelen of Keeper s Pass
The advice to consider time zones is very good. You can find groups that have folks active across multiple tome zones as well. As Guurzak notes, it will also help point you in the right direction by getting some inclination to your preferences on the "good guy" / "bad guy" spectrum.

For us, the Keepers are down in the southern area, noted above as a higher PvP zone. You will find folks in our settlement, Keeper's Pass, almost all the time. Our group specifically is not PvP-focused, but we are allied with groups that are. We are more focused on casual aspects of the game, perhaps, than some around us, with RP and PvE occurring almost daily, but we also mix it up with PvP at times either in our own party formations or with our allies.
Keeper's Pass (NG) - Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny. A Crafter settlement that is friendly to casual and RP players. Check our Traveler's Guide to Keeper's Pass at If you wish to join with us in Keeper's Pass come visit us at our website at

Why do I support non-aggression? (
I am rogue.
I am Phaeros.

Okay, well, don't take that 2nd line as my owning Phaeros, because I certainly don't.
It's moy oisland.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Xavier Sterling
A goodhearted (neutral good, or something along those lines) rogue from the EU timezone.
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