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Grip's (Improved) Mobile Forge

Now delivering the following for your crafting needs!

Steel Plate, Ingot and Blanks to +3
Steel Wire to +2
Cold Iron Ingot to +1
Copper Ore and Bar to +2
Silver Ore and Bar to +1

Prompt delivery to all of Golarion. Rush deliveries a speciality! (I just tell Donkey there is a lady llama at the destination).


PM at Paizo board or contact ingame to discuss terms.
Also Silvered Iron Blanks to +1smile
Silver Bar now at +2
Now with Steel Wire +3! Extra smelter recipes available upon request…
Grip - I would like to talk to you about your extra smelter recipes.
Xilanthus Narthingad - Follower of Sarenrae
Member of the Disciples of the Everlight, based in Tavernhold
My Paizo PM
Donated em to the University because an oversized rat told me to.
Grip's Mobile Forge Inc. is looking to expand!

But in order to become Grip's Semi-mobile Forge of Doom Inc., we need dwarven steel recipes. I have the following to trade for said recipes:

Holy Light spell
Sanctified Steel Rapier recipe
Various other T2 recipes
About a zillion T1 recipes (well maybe not a zillion)

PM me on Paizo to discuss smile
Looking to trade Adv Leather Sheets +2 recipe and Spell: Enervation

i have found you a trade partner for the adv lea +2 recipe
Now making Steel Ingot +3 for the upcoming War of Buildings.

I will accept mats +20% to make em for ya in the location of your choice.

No I am not interested in your coin, but if you have a Spell: Fireball we could make a
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