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Grip's (Improved) Mobile Forge

Now making Steel Ingot +3 for the upcoming War of Buildings.

I will accept mats +20% to make em for ya in the location of your choice.

No I am not interested in your coin, but if you have a Spell: Fireball we could make a
Also have an extra Steel Ingot +3 recipe if there is a smelter who needs.
Many thanks to those who delivered coal to the Lodge this morning! I hope the business was profitable for you!

Still need more coal if anyone is interested in delivering to EL. Also need hemp.

Willing to trade my +3 steel ingots for your +3 hemp ropes on a 1:1 basis … I will do the travel.
source of Hemp Rope +3 located smile
Offering 12c per for coal delivered to the Lodge.

I can pay in coin or other terms if you wish to negotiate. Many T1 and T2 recipes, spells and maneuvers available.

Contact me via Paizo PM or in
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