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Hexes Around Tower Should Also Open PvP Window

Elsworth Sugarfoot
When fights get large they quickly sprawl across multiple hexes. Anything more than 4v3 and the losing side has to retreat to a different hex to regroup. Most tower capture is at least 5v5, but more like 6-7 v 9-10 or more. This PvP quickly spreads to hexes outside the tower hex.

This would obviously open up PvP in some non-pvp hexes, but I think with the removal of so many towers and the overlapping nature of the towers, it wouldn't add that many more PvP windows. As long as towers don't go unclaimed. This is also something that's going to be needed for attacks on POIs. The 6v10 pk we had last week sprawled over about 9 hexes. The smaller group is constantly on the run, and it would be nice to be able to turn and fight in a adjacent hex without rep loss (even though that's bugged too).
Paul Gilmore
I am not aware of a rep loss bug in game right now. Please explain.
Quite a few folks have reported losing Reputation when fighting at the Tower during an Open PvP Window. This is definitely not the case where they were fighting on a hex border and unwittingly leaving the Open PvP hex.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
My self and several others lost reputation while defending a tower. We were right next to the tower so were definitely not near the edge.
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
There is a situation we have not been able to replicate that causes you to lose rep while fighting in an open pvp hex. Vadaryl may be able to give more details.
Add me to the people who occasionally lose rep for no explicable reason in a tower fight in an open PvP window.

I'm beginning to wonder if my victims retreat out of the hex bleeding, fall through the world, or have to relog due to getting hung, if the game is looking at where they died, rather than where they were attacked when assigning rep loss.

Some of my mates lose thousands of rep in a tower fight. I tend to lose about 1,200-1,300.
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