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Freeholder Trainer not offering correct levels of feats

The Freeholder Trainer at Keepers Pass (don't know about other ones.) isn't offering training above level 7 for Pioneer. We have 6 towers which should be more then enough. I also can't train higher then Encumbrance Bonus 5 and Strong Back 3. I checked both the Freeholder Trainer and the Expert Trainer and neither of them are offering me the feats.

Edit: I thought I would mention all the crafting trainers that I can check that far can train at least to 9, I'll know about our Armorsmithing to 10 in a couple days. Additionally, I was able to run my cleric over to Brighthaven for T2 training and was able to get that training, so Keeper's is getting credit for or towers, that trainer just isn't offering the training.
Ryan Dancey
Duplicates existing bug discussion. Thread closed.
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