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What are these 'rewards'?

Daily Deals
Alliance Pack
Head Start
Shield Mate
Character Name Reservation

I know some of these may not have a functionality yet … but do any of them?
I believe character name reservation is in effect.
Yeah, what does Shield Mate do?
Shield Mate is one of the most confusing rewards. We don't have a clear description of how it will function.

Here's the original description from the Kickstarter:
Adventurer and Crowdforger Reward Bonus - Invite A Friend: Shieldmate
Invite a friend to the Kickstarter, get a synergy bonus! After the Kickstarter ends you'll be able to either invite or accept a Friendship link with another Pathfinder Online account. Once an invitation is accepted, both accounts will unlock a special bonus: All characters on both accounts will have the Shieldmate Mark. Any time two or more characters with the Shieldmate Mark are in a group (regardless of if the account holders are Friends or not), all the characters with the Shieldmate Mark in that group will get a synergy bonus.

This description is from an update to the Kickstarter:
We want to encourage backers to entice their friends to join the Kickstarter. In the after the project ends you'll be able to link to a friend's account, and if that friend accepts, you and your friend get a special benefit. Pledges for Buddy and Guild level rewards get 2x and 6x accounts, respectively, that you will be able to allocate as you see fit (and there is no need to worry, there's no rush).
Characters on your Kickstarter accounts will bear the Shieldmate Mark. Any time two or more characters with the Shieldmate Mark are in a party, everyone with the Shieldmate Mark will gain a synergy bonus. In addition, your friend will be awarded all the Daily Deals as of the date you first pledged to back the Kickstarter. Each backer will only be able to invite one Friend and accept one invitation, which will be permanent (but you can change your invite if your friend request is denied).
After the Kickstarter, there were a few threads discussing the implications of various ways Shield Mate could be implemented*, with Ryan changing his mind about how it should work a couple of times. Eventually, the outcome seemed to be that Goblinworks would decide how Shield Mate would actually work close to Open Enrollment.

For now, I would just consider it a mystery perk, like Twice Marked. Nobody knows exactly what it will do, but you'll be part of the small group who have whatever-it-is.

*Any two characters who have the Shield Mate mark give each other bonuses. <Or> You only get the bonus when you group with the one account that is your Shield Mate.
Accounts A, B, and C can form a Shield Mate trio. <Or> Each account can only have a Shield Mate bond with one other account.
You can wait forever before selecting your Shield Mate. <Or> If you didn't select your Shield Mate in the Kickstarter Pledge Fulfillment Tool, you missed your chance.

*Brain melt imminent, shrug and ignore all input or your head will explode.*
ok … how about Daily Deal and Head Start? And what is the Name Reservation?
The Daily Deals were a set of in-game items, one for each day of the second Kickstarter. You can see them here. It's my understanding that the Daily Deal items were meant to be fairly low-powered items (no more powerful than anything made by players) with unique appearances. I don't recall whether they'll have infinite durability or not. Originally, the idea was that the earlier you pledged to the Kickstarter, the more of the Daily Deals you could get, but I believe that has since turned into "all qualifying accounts get all of the Daily Deals". Delivery of the Daily Deal items is supposed to happen around the time of Open Enrollment.

Head Start originally meant an invitation to play during the last month of Early Enrollment. I'm pretty certain it now means access to the game during all of Early Enrollment.

Name Reservation meant that you could reserve one or more character names. I don't recall ever seeing a name reservation system set up.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Head start still only means 1 month before open enrollment. I have seen one person speculate about them being let in early, but it's currently only about $15 to upgrade that to get in now, which includes an extra month of time….

At the moment all name reservation means is that if you want a name and someone else is using it, they'll check who joined earlier if you file a ticket.

I've seen no indication that everyone gets all the daily deals, and can't think why they'd do that. There's been some crowdforging discussion, and some of us hope some of the deals will be a skin we can apply to a matching object, but no details have been delivered.
To reach me, email
Ryan Dancey
Daily Deals

These are a set of items that were offered to Kickstarter backers as an incentive to pledge early. The sooner you pledged, the more of them you will recieve. They are not in the game yet.

Alliance Pack

This will be a group of items asocited with the NPC Factions that we will be adding to the game. When we've added several of those Factions, we will add the Alliance packs.

Head Start

If you have Open Enrollment from the Kickstarter (you made a $35 Adventurer Reward pledge, or got a $35 Adventurer add-on from someone else), you will be invited to begin play one month before the Open Enrollment accounts purchased after the Kickstarter. Currently, Open Enrollment is scheduled for ~January 2016.

Shield Mate

Players on your account have a Shield Mark. When you are in a party with at least one other character with a Shield Mark, all the Marked characters will get a small bonus.

You will be able to invite another account to be your Shield Mate. That account will also get the Shield Mark. In addition, that account will get the same Daily Deal items that you are entitled to.

Not currently implemented.

Character Name Reservation

Currently, if you want to use a character name and it has already neen taken, we will adjudicate the question based on the precedence of when the Pledges were made during the Kicksarter. If you want to assert a claim to a name, email
Thanks for the corrections and clarifications, Caldeathe and Ryan. My memory of some of the details was definitely fuzzy.
Thanks Ryan and all … HEY! I want can have avatar too!
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