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Dev Blog: Gods, Factions & Alignments

Ryan Dancey
Players, we have Just posted a new blog all about Gods!
Neat. But when do you plan to implement Lord Gaben as a deity?
all members of that Settlement need to have a core alignment within one alignment step of that alignment

I note that this seems carefully not to say "active alignment". Could I in theory belong to a TN settlement, have a core alignment of LN, and have an active alignment of LG?

Can a settlement build temple facilities or support altars for deities which are 2 steps away from the settlement's declared alignment?
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
but if two are different enough that the character has moved active alignment a full alignment step (i.e. from Good to Neutral, Neutral to Evil, etc) the character loses access to any alignment limited mechanics

A literal reading of this wording suggests that I cannot use any alignment feats unless my core and active alignment are the same, and that it is not sufficient that they both be compatible with the feat. E.g., I have a good-only feat trained and my core alignment is LG while my active alignment is NG; is the feat usable?
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Raising the dead is a great example of an evil action, but do you have any examples of good, neutral, lawful or chaotic actions?

I'm specifically wondering how hard it will be to maintain an alignment like Chaotic Good. Will I need to kill evil creatures and be kind to little old ladies and puppies to maintain Good, then kill Hellknights, violate local ordinances, and jaywalk in settlements to maintain Chaotic?
Will killing bandits be a lawful action, reinforcing LG, LN and LE alignments? Will it push chaotic and neutral characters toward lawful?

Will killing evil creatures be a good action? If so, will it push evil characters toward good? That would be odd, because the trope of "evil infighting" is very common in fantasy worlds like Golarion.

Will there be other alignment-affecting actions (aside from raising the dead) that don't involve combat? Right now, combat, trade and crafting is about all we do.
Since settlements have no control over what escalations spawn near them and no good way to control an escalation other than killing it, I wouldn't think that monster killing should have any alignment effect.

We've been told that evil characters will be able to designate use of slave labor for gushers and for crafting, speeding up queue times but imposing a heinous flag. Once the contracts system is in, failing to complete a contract will push you chaotic. Raising your standing with an NPC faction will probably swing you towards their alignment.

We've also been told that raising standing with evil factions is more likely to involve PVP, and may require PVP with other evil factions.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
I suspect remaining chaotic will be easy: go steal something, either from individuals or from holdings. I also hope killing certain monster does not influence alignment, since that would likely discourage chaotic players from killing bandits, evil players from killing goblins or ogres, etc.
Failing to complete a contract isn't just chaotic in game, it will tick players off out of game. As a goad for maintaining a lawful alignment, that's useful negative reinforcement. As a way of maintaining a desired chaotic alignment, it's very self-destructive.

Theft is generally regarded as at least neutral, if not evil. Not a viable option for a CG character (unless it's theft from someone evil?).
The other thing we don't know is the order in which things will be introduced. If alignment and factions are introduced months before contracts, then violating contracts won't be available as a way to maintain chaotic, or to punish those who aspire to be lawful, but fall short. I assume that holdings will arrive before alignment, so raiding holdings should be available as a way to maintain chaotic.

Some escalations might be tied to the faction system. If so, killing NPCs in a Hellknight escalation should provide faction points toward Crusader and Bandit factions, and presumably Good and Chaotic alignments. Maybe the introduction of alignment will also allow monsters to be selective about who they attack. For a Good settlement, having a Crusader Knight escalation next door might be no hindrance to their gatherers.
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