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Technical forums

Jane Snow

Here you can discuss anything related to tech! I have included a few sub forums above this area for more specific posts. There is also a place to submit any type of feedback or issues you find on the forums.

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A specific email address intended for crash logs would be useful this build (7)
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send crash dumps to
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Started 8.1 and also read the "Quick Start Guide". I thought I'd see the benefits of running through the tutorial quests. Unfortunately and unlike Sotterhill, there are no goblins anywhere near the town of Marchmont (I believe that is the town where I started) the southernmost town on the map. With 7.1 and Sotterhill, you only had to go past the road to find the first goblins. In v8, I completely circled the town and only found a few bandits and wolves. I finally ventured out and was 2 hexes East before finding goblins - and I found 7 together. Needless to say, I didn't attack. Since this was for the tutorial, my char hasn't had the 1st bit of training - nothing. She is really unable to defend herself against more than 1 bandit/wolf. Since the first quest requires killing 3 goblins, it would be great if there were some outside the town like the guide says.

Second issue is that now that I find myself pretty defenseless and 2 hexes east of town, I would very much like to get her back to town to train; however, she can't go west. She is blocked from the SW to the N by invisible barriers of some kind. She is in the middle of nowhere many hexes from any other town and unable to get back. I guess I'm going to delete her and start fresh and not bother with the tutorial. I don't really need it as I played 7 but it's hard now that I am spoiled by the 5k XP/hr! (My issue - just thought I'd share. smile)

I'm just interested in making sure that new people to Alpha don't get discouraged when they can't finish the first quest. Maybe the player should be directed to get some training in their role before setting out on those tutorial quests unless more goblins will be provided closer to the towns.

Which reminds me, the map in 7.1 was beautiful and zoom worked very well but the new map is too small to read and doesn't clear up when you zoom in. The town names just become bigger blobs. This makes navigating the game difficult.

These are just a few of my first hurdles that I've been unable to overcome. I appreciate any suggestions, comments, soothing hugs, …
offers soothing hug.
I don't know if this is a proper place to ask this, but I have EU:A question. I'll play this game every other day only if I have the rights to install only one client (and it's done at one PC). But I spend half the time at my father's place where I have other PC. Can I install the second client to play PFO every day? Thanks in advance.
Can I install the second client to play PFO every day?

Yes, you can. You can even be logged in to the same account from two different computers at the same time with Characters in the game on each.
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V12 has apparently instituted encumbrance with some issues. None of us can move. Can't go to the bank to unload any of this stuff. I already put most stuff in the bank, so what's left i don't want to trash (thanks for the trash can, though). I saw something that explained encumbrance - the bars and what the colors mean - but can't remember where that is. Also, can you explain the weights - are they lbs. or percentages? How can I find out how much I can hold and still move? Just a few questions. Thanks!
Many folks are having to summon friends to help them off-load themselves when they're stuck away from the banks. Put out the call!
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