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Technical forums

The bars at the bottom on the Inventory Menu is your Encumbrance.
DO NOT fill the top bar as it'll slow you down / stop you standing, the bottom bar is where you should stay.

Everyone was Warned encumbrance was coming,
and should always off logged off near a bank or dumped next to everything in their bank before going anywhere.

The encumbrance of an item is representing the item's weight and bulkiness.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Dark=good, light=bad. If you see white, you'll have trouble moving. If there is any "empty" (background brown) in your top bar you can still move. A fully empty (dark brown) top bar means you can move normally.

At the moment, we have about 40 "encumbrance units" per bar (which is twice the final, to account for no bags and backbacks working yet) or 80 in total. With less than 80 units, you can move. With less than 40 units, you can move normally. Except—–:

Heavy and Medium armour has a greater encumbrance when worn than carried (in that wearing it reduces your total encumbrance more than its weight) so taking your heavy or medium armour off will have a net benefit.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
If you can't find a friend to help you carry, and you're patient, you can always create an alt and run it to wherever you are to carry batches of 40 units at a time to the local bank, then give it back to you when you are able to get there yourself.
To reach me, email
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