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Change to Release Cadence

Caldeathe Baequiannia
Ryan, would you consider deploying to live two weeks after deploying to test server, rather than one, and expanding the number of people that have access to the test server? I realize it might still not be enough to get things tested adequately, and there will always be things that behave differently, but I think we could all benefit from having test deployed for two weeks over one.

I agree with this.

And what's more the achievement gates in the test server are a pain since folks don't want to spend hours in the test server grinding achievements.
+1 to the above, I would also recommend deviding groups into "blue" and "red", free game time to players & settlements who actively participate (give them a checklist of things to test to get the free game time), grant XP packages of various amount for participating EE settlements (to represent low, mid and high level PCs), and some "bootstrap" Resources/Recepies so we can hit the ground running to test more stuff instead of having to start from scratch (which is a primary reason many people I have spoken to have no interest in participating in the test server).

I also agree with this, but I'd leave out the XP packages since it would cause some strong power swings in the test server.
And I really agree with free game time to active testers.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
… and expanding the number of people that have access to the test server? …

I still have a ton of extra Test Server invites…
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