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Specific tasks for the future builders

Blacksmiths were removed.

Can you point to a reference where this was mentioned please?

I recall a Dev saying it, but can't remember where.
Could of been a fireside chat, or a forum post.
Will any of the Engineer's personal equipment repertoire (shields, rogue kits, toolkits) be moved to other professions, or will they retain all of their current recipes too? It doesn't seem like the engineer has less to do today than the jeweler or leatherworker.
Stop spying my characters smile
Fanndis Goldbraid
Any updates on Stonemason and Carpenter getting added in an upcoming patch? Got some serious XPs banked for those and some of Forgeholm's builders are itchin' to start laying some foundations!
Lee Hammock
Not currently. We're waiting for the settlements to get more settled before we let people spend XP on them.
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