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Non-Agression Treaty with Xeilias

I continue to hear the rambling of Xeilias' desire in obtaining a non-agression pact with several Alliances and/oe Settlements.

Most of the Settlements within the Empire of Xeilias declare themselves as either Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil. It doesn't matter if you are Good, Neutral or Evil the common core here is 'Lawful' which simply means a sense of honor and/or morals. The Empire sits beind the Lawful title they claim to believe in to 'Provide Game Content'.in order to willfully terrorize the weak, the young and any others the Empire decides that they can take them down with no questions asked and no consequences to them.

The Empire of Xeilias hides under a calling of Lawful acts which in reality are Chaotic in nature. I Shiela Silverwind of Forgeholm will not accept any No-Agression Pact with ANY Person, Company, Settlement and/or Alliance/Empire who condones the Chaotic acts of Terrorism on any person.

I hope those who read this and believe the Acts of the Terrorist Empire of Xeilias will agree and not allow or accept any Non-Agression Pact their leaders try to enact. You van not hide behide politics and so-called 'we don't want to lose players rhetoric' to not stop these terrorists from continuing to prey on the weak, young and easy targets of opportunity.

The Empire of Xeilias made their bed …. NOW THEY CAN SLEEP IN IT AND DIE!!!!!!!

After living the life as a U.S. government face of the public I have learned very well that the only way most people will really take notice is if you Speakly Loudly AND Carry an even bigger Stick (or Dagger or Greatclub or the Grandest Greatsword any dwarf would die and live out all of their greatest fantasies with).

MC1 Donald P. Rule, USN(FR)
Sheila Silverwind, Commander Excelsior (Free Highlanders)
No peace with Forgeholm. Roger.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Umm, alrighty then.
Im not really sure if yer doing RP or not…
Self-styled Warden of the East, Protector of BaronĀ“s Folly, Hero of the first skirmish.
I like the moxie smile
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Is Abierzen even in charge of Forgeholm? I've had so little to do with that part of the map that I don't even know.
Lol, where's Forgeholm? smile
Is this another of the "Good" posing as someone else?
Is Abierzen even in charge of Forgeholm? I've had so little to do with that part of the map that I don't even know.

Nope, Abierzen is a member of the Founding company, but it's either Fannis Goldbraid or Gorim GoldHammer who is in charge of Forgeholm.
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