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Settlement Structure Plots

Ulf Stonepate
I'd like to see Guildhouses that a company can build using their own resources, which would occupy some of the land near the entry roads. Allow the guilds to purchase support upgrades similar to settlement-level support buildings but only affecting members of the owning company, and kept up by the members rather than through settlement bulk resources. Such things as a requirement to spend a certain number of crafting hours per week on upkeep (giving greater weight to higher levels to prevent non-crafters from simply filling the queues they aren't using anyway), sacrificing coinage, or some other inconvenient mechanic. If the upkeep isn't paid, then at server reset the benefit goes dormant. If it stays dormant another week, it goes away (since it's being built with resources, not XP, it doesn't have to be persistent).

This allows settlements to choose their core priorities while still letting companies build according to their own concepts. Alignment restrictions apply, so a company guildhouse in CG Tavernhold will still not provide support for Paladin feats learned elsewhere, but our company that wants to follow Gorum would be able to do so even though the cathedral will not be offering training in those domains, assuming they can find a training facility.
If I'm not mistaken, what you've described is intended to be covered by holdings.
Harad Navar
The last word I had is that they do not have a plat diagram of the build-able lots for a settlement as yet. I hope that this is resolved soon.
Knowledge can explain the darkness, but it is not a light.
Ryan Dancey
None of the key decisions about how Support will work have been made at this time. So I can't tell you how big the structures will be.
Whether Support structures will take up a Small plot is going to be massively important. I look forward to hearing how it turns out.
Myl - Herald of Stone Bear Clan (Tavernhold)
"You can walk into Tavernhold but a horse will have to carry you out."
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