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Profanity filter needed!

For the second time in a week, a troll has shown up spouting profanity and verbally abusing players.

Goblinworks PLEASE slap on a filter, monitor 24/7, enable a squelch …. whatever it takes so that we in game don't have to read some troll spouting "Suck my fat dick" and telling people to "Go fuck themselves" among other foul things.

absolutely intolerable smile
Xilanthus Narthingad - Follower of Sarenrae
Member of the Disciples of the Everlight, based in Tavernhold
My Paizo PM
Hobson Fiffledown
Seconded and thirded-ed. And /filteroff should be an easy enough solution for the naysayers.
This space for rent.
I'm proud of our community for making it this long without the need for a filter, but I agree: it's time to add one.
Yeah, we got kids playing this game. Their parents won't let them play any other game without their direct supervision, which they don't get because their parents are playing this game. smile
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