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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

HOW TO: install and run PFO in Linux.

A Quick Guide to installing and Running PFO in Linux using PlayOnLinux method of using WINE.
(This guide is based on Zorin Linux, out of the box)

Before you start
  • Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and configured to the right driver
  • Make sure you have Wine and PlayOnLinux on your system and up to date.
  • Download the Installer (Windows version) from Goblinworks.

Start PlayOnLinux
Go File -> Install
A new Forum appears
´╗┐Click on Install a non-listed Program at the bottom

You'll now manually install the game.
Click next

Select "Install a program in a new virtual Drive"
Click Next
Enter the Name "PFO" as the virtual drives name.
Click Next
Check the Configure Wine option
Do not install addition libraries, as it'll increase the odds of something breaking.
Click Next.
Select 64-bit windows installation.
Click Next
Wine will be getting loaded and a new form pops up.
In the Applications Tab, above the OK button, set the Windows Version to "Windows 7."
DO NOT go into the libraries tab and add things.
Click "OK"

Now click the Browse Button.
Go to the installer and Select it.
Click "Open"
Click Next.

The installer will now run as if it were windows.

Click next,
Don't change the folder location
Click next until you get an install button and click it.
When it's done, uncheck the Launch PFO option and click finish.

A new request
Select Pathfinder.exe and click next and next.
Now select the Patcher.exe and click next and next.
Then select "I don't want to make another shortcut" and click next.

Your now Done, and PlayOnLinux should look like this.
You should have two new shortcuts on the Desktop.

Double click on the Pathfinder shortcut on the desktop or in PlayOnLinux to launch the game.

Now Pathfinder should run with no problems.
But the Patcher does not work yet (Current Version tested EE5).

So for each Update you'll need to download the new installer, uninstall the old game completely, and then install using the new version.
Linked all the images to their steps so folks can see what should be selected and where they are in the process.
Fixed a few vague lines.
Feedback would be helpful
I hope this gets a sticky, so folks can easily find it later.
Added a few required things and a note of the linux version used for making this guide
Ryan Dancey

Due to the New installer Package setup, that RELIES on the solely on the Patcher,
PFO can no longer run on linux until further Notice.
Mark Kalmes
With EE 9.2, we've updated the patcher to allow a -console parameter on Linux. When running with this parameter, it will not start the GUI and will instead patch and update all files using just console output.

It will prompt you to read and accept the EULA if you have not done so already. You must pass "-eula Accept" as a parameter to accept the EULA.

It does not attempt to start Pathfinder.exe for you, presuming that you will want to start it with a custom method anyway.
I'll be doing Tests on this and updating the Guide when I get a moment.
Awesome! Nice to see Linux getting some unofficial love!
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