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Poll Rangers!

Duncan Dixon
I like this idea. I don't want to wait for pets to have rangers and other people get a chance to be asked if they feel that way too.
Duffy Swiftshadow
I would pretty much immediately switch to ranger if it was half way decently implemented. We're definitely going to need some form of tracking skill eventually…
Archer rangers are about half way there already.

Assuming that pets/summons are put on hold the main new feature needed for an Archer Ranger would be Ranger divine spells and a few armor/utility feats they could initially use the trophy charm as an implement.
Khorvak McTiernan
+1 Please support some Ranger lovin', hehehe.

With the "Pet" issue removed from the equation until a later date…Ranger's don't seem too difficult to implement.
+1 from me, for whatever that's worth (not much). This Ranger "animal companion" thing seems New-Agey to me, "Rangers never had animal companions back in my day" smile
Lots of encouragment in this thread. Hopefully GW will consider this request.
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