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Get out to the forums!

Fanndis Goldbraid
Hello everyone!

We have a chance to really positively impact the game by getting out and talking about it to other players. Discussions are happening in many public gaming forums, but there are not as many players posting as there should be and some of the forums are pretty dead. It looks bad. I know, we are all here playing. (Why be on a forum when I can be here playing? Got it!)

Check out there spots, both of which have been very productive for Buddy Keys. Some of us are regular posters and are posting positive stuff, but there are some nay-sayers out there too. Just go talk about it to the interested parties and you will get interest.

I have given out around 70 Buddy Keys. I can't vet everyone that asks, I just want people to try it. These folks are MMO regulars that want a peek. Why not give them one? You never know where your next recruit will come from, and if you don't recruit your settlement will surely die come settlement construction. That's up to you.

Check these sites out and see what you can do:

Reddit Pathfinder Online:

MMORPG PFO (forums-have been very quiet lately but lit up last night):

Other resources include Facebook and Twitter. It's lonely out there right now, but I am posting often, not quite every day, just to keep it active. Facebook doesn't much care for fictional characters, but it's pretty cool what you can do. I am an old school non-texted, but am Facebooking and Tweeting PFO. You might organize something for your settlement as well to stir interest and inform the public about Pathfinder Online:

Fanndis's Facebook page:

Fanndis's Twitter feed:

Get out there are talk it up!

Fanndis Goldbraid, Ambassador, Forgeholm
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Mmorpg forums for PFO are essentially a recruitment forum for EBA and its allies. The rest of the threads are by the apologists for all of the flaws of the game and its vision.

90% of "outsider looking in" posts are negative of both.
Aragon (CN) a settlement founded on the principles of the River Freedoms: Say What You Will; Oath Breakers Die; Walk Any Road, Float Any River; Courts are for Kings; Slavery is an Abomination; Have What You Hold.

Settlement Focus: Fighter and Rogue Training
Game Play: Escalations / Refining / Crafting / Defensive PVP
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Mmorpg forums for PFO are essentially a recruitment forum for EBA and its allies. The rest of the threads are by the apologists for all of the flaws of the game and its vision.

90% of "outsider looking in" posts are negative of both.
I know it's derigeur to treat those of us (including Fanndis) that remain hopeful about the game's trajectory as dumb fanbois, but it's just barely possible that we honestly see things differently.
To reach me, email
Fanndis Goldbraid
Hey, guilty of liking the game, and prefer to be in on the ground floor. I also think (like a Dwarf would) that the long term benefits are there and don't mind putting in the work to achieve future goals. Ryan and Lisa both understand this game is not for every MMO aficionado. The first six months of threads on the Paizo forums were largely TT PF players gaping in disbelief that they would be subjected to PvP. And there were no apologies from Ryan. He gets that.

He also has not been apologetic about keeping a tight budget and stating his goals to the public. so many players are used to 200 million MMP budgets they can't believe a game would be released for play and have the gaul to charge a monthly sub for a "game that is in beta". Ryan gets that too, and again makes no apologies, at least that I have seen, He is using a different model, and I support that. *shrugs* If others don't, I'll still be here until I am not.
I sincerely want the game to succeed, but I also honestly think it is a huge mistake, and has been an ongoing blunder, to try and draw attention to PFO when the game offers close to none of the features that were promoted pre-Alpha as making it a standout game.

First impressions matter, and more potential players, IMHO, have probably been lost by premature promotion of this game, then gained.

When POI holdings and outposts are in, then, and only then, would I personally be willing to talk to other people about this game.
First impressions matter…

They do indeed matter, and I, for one, hope that we can find some more folks who don't fit the "traditional" mould of game-considerers. There are enough folks already playing–and enjoying–the game that I'm convinced there are more of us out there, who can be interested if they come take a look.

Perhaps PFO not drawing in those who don't like it at this stage can become one of its attractors. No one's ever said we're looking for "typical" players, after all.
There are enough folks already playing–and enjoying–the game that I'm convinced there are more of us out there, who can be interested if they come take a look.

I disagree. They invited a bunch of people to a party but only put out a bowl of nachos. We know a keg of beer is on the way but a lot of folks have already left. Maybe they'll come back later when things are more interesting. Hopefully they will. I don't really believe trying to invite people who are satisfied sitting around staring at a bowl of nachos is the answer to a boring party.

I just don't understand why they launched EE in the state the game was in. I guess there have been a variety of different issues, and not just one thing, but I just feel everyone and the game would have been better served if this thing was left to bake a little bit more before being pulled out of the oven.
Doc, Here is the message I am including in messages when sending the notice that a key was sent out. This does not include the many disclaimers from forum posts about the state of the game:

"Buddy Key sent! You will start in the NPC town of Marchmont near the center of the Early Enrollment map.(The map should expand to about 6 times this size at "Open Enrollment".) The game is at about the 40% mark in development (2nd year of a 5 year plan) so there are some rough patches, but it's pretty fun and new stuff is coming every three weeks or so.

Be aware, there is PvP, so you may be attacked at any time, but it is much less likely in town, and most players are not causing too much trouble near Marchmont since it is the starting town. Use the "Help" chat if needed, and have fun!"

They are at least getting a look. I have only had a few people outright flame me for giving them a key, since they are asking for one. Those few could move at all once they logged in, and I suspect that is due to their ancient video card or tiny RAM. Either way, they were interested. My thoughts are, is people are interested, let them take a look. I have not forced anyone to ask for a Buddy key, or held a gun to their head while the client downloads. As far as I am concerned they are going in with "Eyes open". And the more the merrier!
I'm thrilled that I'm able to play right now.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
I'm thrilled that I'm able to play right now.

That's great and all, but you're probably more invested in this game over many years than anybody else here around.

Somebody just showing up out of the blue has nothing invested. If they aren't impressed, what's to keep them hanging around. What's to encourage them to come back later again either?

When Dark Age of Camelot first came out, I tried it out for a bit and wasn't impressed and never really checked it out again. Low and behold, it's still alive amazingly more than like 10 years later. I'm regretful I didn't check it out again years ago when it was in its prime, but I had forgotten about it and other games came up that took up my attention.

This same thing can happen to PFO, with games like Camelot:Unchained and Crowfall, both coming on to the scene and targeting the open world PvP sandboxy style play.

There is a reason why the old practice of NDA and closed alpha was a thing. I'm not entirely convinced the entirely open-alpha/fake-soft-launch-beta-that-is-EE has been a good idea. But hey, I'm not the marketing guru.
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