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Join us in Talonguard - The Jewel of the Northwest

Olecsander Ironforge
All of the fun, none of the drama! Join us out in the Northwest. Adventure is calling.

Overlooking the crossroads of the Mosswater and Valley Highways, Talonguard offers rich resources and adventure for those free spirits who would answer the call of the West. No force of yoke nor threat of fist from on high out here, enjoy your gods-given River Freedoms as you were intended to. With your help, we might just become the Jewel of the Northwest, the trading center we were meant to be, but we'll never forget that you the fine folk of the River Kingdoms are our number one investment.

Located at the conflux of three main resource areas, and within a short walk of two monster hexes, there is no shortage of fun to be had for every type of player. PvE and Crafting opportunities are rich here, but the occasional player-bandit keeps us on our toes and offers a little bit of PvP fun. Hone your skills in our realm-famous hunts. We're adding to the schedule of events for citizens of Talonguard. Join our local easy-mob hunts, even your crafters can go out and have some fun and gain a bit of fame in the process. Want to get yer hands dirty and try a little PvP? Join in the fun and try to Hobble the Hobson! We'll bedeck our most fidgety of citizens in T1 not-so-finery and load him up with with some lootable goodies, meet in town, give him a couple minutes head start and then the ring-hex hunt is on. Heh, that little Halfling knows better now not to wager with a dwarf in a drinking game.

Talonguard welcomes characters and players of all types and persuasions. We're a friendly lot and always willing to help out fellow citizens. Come join our ranks and let's see if we can chisel this found gem into the fine jewel it was meant to be. Search Talonguard in the Company menu, you're just an "apply to join" click away from fun and adventure!
Be sure to visit Olecsander's Arms & Armor Emporium in beautiful downtown Talonguard.
Hobson Fiffledown
Waaaiit…. Wait. What did you say? What did I agree to?.. Is that what this piece of paper says?!? I don't even read Dwarvish! I thought we were going to cobble the cobblestone… You know, to help build the town…OOOOoooo, I get it now. I'm never drinking with the Dwarf bothers again (until later tonight). Sneaky things, them.

Ok, ok, but this is an organized thing, not just random, right? 'Cause, you know, death by a thousand pointy dagger stabs and all that.

When the games begin, we'll start it in Local chat. Heck, I'll even keep it to one hex for now. I'll not hold still, and I may throw all the stuns and slows at you that I can, but I'll keep it friendly. If you take me down, you can have what Pharasma doesn't take as tribute.
This space for rent.
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