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Suggestion for New Player Guide

As a brand new player with no exposure to the Pathfinder game systems before, the New Player Guide could be a little more clearly written if some terms were explained before telling me how to use/access them.

Some examples -
Page 2, item 3: For someone new to the system/game this is a completely cryptic paragraph. Orison? Feat? Keywords?
Page 6, paragraph 1: F opens Feats, again, what are they, why do I care?
Page 6, paragraph 2: Implements, you list them, but why do I want to equip one?
Page 6, paragraph 3: Again with Feats, without knowing what they are. Maybe a section up higher that correlates terms in PFO with standard MMO terms. At this point I am "assuming" that Feats = spells/abilities in other games? Also in this section, Keywords is mentioned again, still no clue on what those are.
Page 6, last sentence, mentions Company. What is this? I assume at this point its a Guild, but it hasn't been defined previously.

Again, I am not attacking here, just trying to provide constructive feedback. A new player guide needs to be written from the standpoint, as a minimum, of someone familiar with MMO's in general just starting out in PFO, but probably should be written from standpoint of someone just getting into MMOs.

Also the flow…
Recommend moving Shocking Arrival to page 2, leave troubleshooting on page 3, put Attention (page 2) on page 4, move Welcome to Pathfinder Online on page 5, etc.

Just food for thought and some friendly feedback
for the record 1: this type of feedback is valuable even if you don't see a reply. The guide in question is written by Ryan Dancey (CEO of GW) who has about 100 higher priorties, and I guess no players feel it their place to comment on your feedback.

for the record 2: You are hinting that there should be at least two different new player guides, which I think of as 'PFO for MMO players' and 'PFO for roleplayers'. I agree.

If anyone would like to try their hand at a (short but very well-written) new player guide for either audience, Pathfinder University would be happy to assist with quaity control and will promote the best such guides.
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Ryan mentioned in game chat that he keeps forgetting to put the hex type symbols in the guide; I hope it makes it into the next update. smile
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Ryan Dancey
I am going to try and incorporate this feedback ASAP. Sorry I missed it when it was first posted!
I would suggest a different color font for the launcher mentioning the link to the New Players Guide. Perhaps Red with BOLD letters. As it is on the launcher it basically gets lost on the page as it all looks the same.

Honestly, I would put most of the first few pages back at the bottom of the guide, since the casual player probably wants more to know how to use his keyboard and what he is supposed to do in order to do the introductory quests [or even knowing about them] more than he wants to know the history of how his character came to be there or other features of the game.

Just my two cents. smile
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