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Kreuz Bernstein Buying And Not Going Out of Business Sale

Kreuz Bernstein Buying

Tier 1 Raw
Animal Pelt 8c
Beast Pelt 8c
Coal 10c
Copper 5c
Green 7c
Hemp 9c
Iron 9c
Lesser Vital - 5c
Pine 5c
Weak Adhesive 5c
Weak Acidic - 5c
Weak Antiseptic - 5c
Wool 10
Yellow 8c
Yew 5c

Tier 2 Raw
Anagogic Essence 10c
Blue 20c
Creature Pelt 18c
Gold 12c
Lodestone 15c
Moderate Adhesive 10c
Moderate Sanguine - 12c
Moderate Stimulant - 10c
Moderate Tonic - 10c
Oak Log 10c
Stache can make all t2 +2/3 items in game with the exception of

Jeweler ( I may branch out and hit this or may wait a few months… Have points spent for spell weaving and another 100k Xp
Weapon smith (only like rank 7, won't be long for this to get there)

And a few rank 12-13 items

Huge selection of Mage cleric fighter and rouge restocked daily in kreuz Bernstein. If you do not see an item in stock, it is likely being crafted but sells out nearly instantly (armor, robes, implements)

Need gear? I sell in bulk shoot me a message in game on Stache or ZomoZ or solgrid the most often
Buying in KB AH
Kiernan Silverstar - Level 5 Evoker
Aurora Silverstar, Pathfinder University Quartermaster & Explorer
Kiernan Silverstar, Aurora's lazy & good-for-nothing younger brother who just likes to blow things up.

PM MidknightDiamond on Paizo Forum
PFU Hoffman
Tantstafl but I will take free stuff for the university. smile
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
Entering for a friend who will be an Evoker, in-game name Asmadea
Gilthorian - Level 9 Wizard / Level 9 Rogue with no Tier 2 gear at all.
Taurii - Level 5 Evoker
Steward of Fort Ouroboros
*Tig walks in wearing a ragged blue dress, clearly able to see the Boiled Leather and Bow on his back under the dress* I shoot fireballs from my hands! can I have your pretty dress and stick?!
Tuck The Unknown - Evoker
Rynnik because I want to win and taunt Elsworth with it.
Not a member, representative, or supporter of Brighthaven Alliance.
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