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Kreuz Bernstein Buying And Not Going Out of Business Sale

Ellarian Dalshandra Wizard 9 would love to have T2+2 equipment, psychic staff especially, currently only has T2 +0 staff
Flitwyck - wizard 7 entrepeneur - to the maxsmile
Clairborne - Wizard of Renown (in his own mind!)
Prices Listed, and get your name in before the giveaway ends on the 10th!
Khalil Dreamslinger would like to win stuff.
T2 Giveaway Results
1st Place - Black Moria T2 +2 Mage Robe, T2+2 Psychic Staff, T2 +0 Spellbook, T2 +0 Cleric Holy Symbol
2nd Place - Howardwdw
3rd-5th Place - Kahaydarin, Teodum, Tuck the unknown (grip?) T2 +0 Staff

Winners have until Sunday 11 pm est to pick up their gear from me. Will be online most the weekend on zomoz stache or solgrid Also if you want to make a certain time pickup can pm me on pazio forums by clicking link below. Most the gear can be had in marchmont, just head on over and enjoy! Thanks again and keep the stache waxed
Thanks ZomoZ … cool event smile
Thanks ZomoZ. Super cool event and Zomoz is a very good person to talk and deal with. For your shopping needs, consider Stache's Magic Shop.
T2 + 0 cleric wands added to stock

Now buying materials for coin or Stache credit towards anything I sell. Will post a list of prices tonight, all of which you can multiply by 1.5 for your total in credit towards goods I make.

In addition, I will start stocking jeez burnstein with all my goods starting tonight in an effort to prepare for new trade with thorn keep being the new player area and pfu moving next door.

New goods include t2+o cleric wands, t1 +2 psychic staff and t1 +2 runespun robes for newer players.

I will also give away some goodies around 6-11 est to anyone who visits in kb.

Thanks and as always, keep the Stache waxed
Speed and cure pots will be stocked in kreuz Bernstein starting a week from today matching tyncales prices(or a day earlier)
T2 banded steel plate now can be crafted
T2 +2 longbows and shortness expected in 10 days

keep that stache waxed
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