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Dev Blog: The Arrival of Influence

Caldeathe Baequiannia
That's fine, for you, Guurzak, and maybe for lots of other people, but there are already downsides to playing pure crafter characters in the form of restrictions and tedium. Maybe it won't mean a thing, but crafters don't need to be devalued. I have 150k XP tied up in a character that makes exactly three things that anyone in my settlement wants, and I'm only allowed to make a limited number of them per day.
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Tork Shaw
Le ninja'd me to the punch (improved unarmed strike).

Influence is not YOURS. It belongs to your company. It isnt like XP - it is used to engage in PvP game elements, not advance your character.

If you are a crafter character you will earn influence more slowly, but you provide exactly the same max influence bonus to your company. Because of the way influence is earned you will not struggle to find a company to join because you dont earn influence fast enough - you'll struggle to find a company to join if no one wants your kind of crafting or if you are not a person that others want to play with.

As a non-PvP crafter your usefulness as a machine for generating the PvP currency is in line with your usefulness in toe-to-toe PvP. Your usefulness to a PvP company overall, however, is VAST!
Lee Hammock
I will say crafters do have it easier than other repeatable achievement earners in that their achievements only go up to level 6 (or level 4 for refiners), so other achievements get far less return in the long term due to the (achievement level)^1.5 in the denominator of the Influence equation.
Lee Hammock
Then how is a pure, dedicated crafter expected to rack up some Influence? Do I get 0.033 influence for that Captains Chainmail +1 that took 40 hours to make?

Surely you do not put killing a single goblin at the same level as crafting or refining even the simplest of goods? I sure hope there's some formula there.

Also, did you guys track what my crafters have been making?

Their crafting achievements are the only thing they have showing for them (and the 200.000 XP that were spent on them).

a) We tried to make Captain's Chain +1 take less than 40 hours and people complained.

b) It's your choice to do nothing else during that crafting time to earn Influence.

c) Having another crafter in your company never hurts you even if they choose to only get Influence through crafting; they raise your maximum Influence.

d) Having a company of just crafters is probably never going to be a large scale territory concern if they don't have fighters to defend their territory (and thus earn Influence in their fighting).

Influence through crafting is Influence without risk that is in many ways the most abuseable way to earn Influence. The guy out killing goblins risks getting killed by goblins or getting PvPed, while the crafter doesn't even have to log in (granted the people who gathered the resources, got the recipe, etc, they faced threat but they got Influence for all the actions they carried out in doing so). Influence is designed to reward active game play, so the crafter who does some gathering, helps his settlement out with escalations, etc, will be raking in the Influence.
Completely disagree, and you are basically pushing people into doing stuff that they may not consider fun. I am also quit shocked that the crafter-dev himself thinks that being a Crafter is doing mostly a whole lot of nothing.

Also the risk of killing Goblins? That sure gave me a chuckle. smile Is risk only in direct PvP? How about the risk of a Crafter loosing his entire cache of resources when his holding gets razed or the Settlement is lost?

This is idolizing that single aspect from PvP, where players pit themselves against eachother in direct battle: if you are not exposing yourself to that, then "You are not playing the game". Silly.

Sorry but I thought that PFO PvP is happening on a few more levels then just that level. One of them being, that people could contribute to this Kingdom game by playing dedicated Commoner roles.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Yah, not sure why there is all the heat and light on this in isolation. Influence isn't the be all and end all of companies.
It's not the be all and end all. It's one more thing that makes a Crafter a less-desirable role for a company.

The world won't end because crafters generate less influence. It might end if there are enough downsides that the ones that exist get sick of it and no-one else wants to play one.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
It might end if there are enough downsides that the ones that exist get sick of it and no-one else wants to play one.

There is NO downside here though.

I guess there just isn't enough upside to make the dedicated crafters happy with this?

Influence has nothing to do with crafting and yet they get to contribute. Bulk goods will be part of the game and yet no one has answered why my 100% focussed goblin killer can't contribute to that?!?

I love crafters. Literally my favourite people. We talk them up in TS all the time.

Influence isn't the reward system for them, why is that bad?
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Thannon Forsworn
First, thanks Tork for you replies I'm fairly content with the answers to my previous inquiries from you and others. Also sorry if I come off a bit harsh, a lot of us are trying to process and figure out the extent of what these changes mean and entail due to the short time frame before they are enacted. Anyways…

I think you may be severely underestimating the amount of effort it takes to keep a production effort going versus killing a few mobs that are standing around waiting for it. My PvE folks are bored murdering mobs all day, my crafters/gatherers are working their asses off trying to keep everyone equipped and produce enough extra to sell. You don't really get to do both reasonably, maybe if we could play 8 hours everyday, but most of us can't. You do one or the other and what you seem to be saying is crafting is trivial despite the XP costs and the fact that people are specializing out necessity. You're kinda of telling us we need to stop spending XP on crafting and stop doing something we judged to be much more productive as a whole, thus delaying all our production efforts, by spending XP on combat so I can grind trivial difficult mobs. I very much feel like that view is a problem. I can understand devaluing T1 crafting due to it's ease of entry, but T2 crafting is a fairly significant XP commitment and takes a lot more time and effort to get going.


Yes influence is needed for PvP, but it's also needed for holdings and outposts which will feed directly back into the settlement and your ability to expand it, which is strongly linked to your crafting abilities and supporting your crafting. Your implying that crafting should be an after thought only, what good is having high powered combat folks if your crafting and settlement can't support them? Since they are intricately tied to everything else shouldn't they have comparable weight? If every character is going to have a T2 or better crafting skills without much effort I suppose this argument would be moot, but from my experience that is not the case.
Thannon Forsworn
Master of Trade
Canis Castrum
Exactly. I would also hope that people get rid of the idea that having a Crafter is equal to "pushing a button and then 10 hours of nothing".

That is so not true. Time to stop idolizing the player who grinds an escalation for 4 hours, or the PvP-er who roams the countryside looking for a victim.

If you are gathering the materials you need to craft, then that is how you will probably get a lot of your achievement points.

I'm sorry, but crafting is not difficult. I don't mean that as a slight, but a simple truth. Trying to farm a group of 5 purple mobs, with only 6 people, is actually quite difficult and requires a great deal of focus.
Brighthaven Leader
Ha, basically, what Lee Hammock said, is that when your maxed out, you will make more inf per job than killing a Goblin.

If you some how maxed out at 6 then you will make .00224536559 per crafting job, a maxed out goblin killer/slayer will max out at .00104355162 per kill, a huge difference. Refiners have it better at .004125 per job maxed out.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
I guess there just isn't enough upside to make the dedicated crafters happy with this?
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