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Dev Blog: The Arrival of Influence

Isn't influence also supposed to be used to help cover the maintenance costs of a settlement? Paying the monthly wear and tear on buildings?

I believe you are thinking of DI or Development Index, which is intrinsic to settlements. Influence is company specific and never used in relation to settlement management.
Ryan Dancey
There is no 50 person max.

I think a lot of us are really anxious to get a better understanding of this:

Tork Shaw
Tork Shaw
4) We have a strong vision for companies and it is one that we have stated pretty clearly. Companies are MEANT to be between 6 (absolute minimum) and 50 (absolute maximum) members. The sweet spot for the next year or so will be about 15-20 players. In the distant future that will look more like 25-30 members. Yes, you can go to 50 and you will not SUFFER for it, but you will not be as efficient as you could be.
Stephen just pointed out that my language is too extreme here - there is no HARD cap on company size - but I really, really dont suggest going above 50. Totes pointless, innit.

Is there maybe a hard cap on Influence, even if not on Members?
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It sounds to me like:

Based on the number of people in your company you get a hard cap on influence.

You can add more people to increase the cap, but at some point there is a sort of soft cap or diminishing returns on the amount of influence that those extra people can generate towards reaching the hard cap?

Ergo, it would be more efficient, and encouraged, to have several smaller companies rather than one mega company.
No, settlement infrastructure is purchased with DI, not influence. (And their maintenance is paid for with bulk resources.)
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Also, can we get a simple clarification about this?

To be certain that all changes are correctly reflected in Company composition at the start of play on Thursday 2 April you may wish to have completed all moves of personel on Wednesday 1 of April.

Specifically, if I start April 1st as a Member of Company A and then fully join Company B later in the day, will my Influence be properly assigned to Company B during the bootstrapping process on April 2nd?

[Edit] I'm slightly worried that "completed all moves of personnel" might mean that I need to have started April 1st as a Member of Company B in order for Company B to benefit from my Influence.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Thannon Forsworn
You can add more people to increase the cap, but at some point there is a sort of soft cap or diminishing returns on the amount of influence that those extra people can generate towards reaching the hard cap?

That's the part I am now curious about, there seems to be no soft cap or diminishing returns in anything stated, so I don't understand why they think we're going to self limit to 50? Why bother? If more people always equals more influence which always means more you can do which always means a higher cap why bother splitting up?

Logistics? It's easier to centralize authority than to try spreading it around amongst several companies for the purpose of organizing things, as long as the influence costs scale linearly if at all, it doesn't matter. If they Scale on a curve it could be an issue, but the curve need to be severe enough that it's a serious detriment at which point it's pretty much a hard cap anyways.
Thannon Forsworn
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Canis Castrum
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Max influence for a company of 100 is about 3000
Max influence for two companies of 50 is 2000 X 2 or 4000
Max influence for 4 companies of 25 is 1340 X 4 or 5360

A group that stays in a company of 100 instead of two companies of 50 has 1000 less influence in total than two companies of 50 and 2000 less than four companies of 25.
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Question for clarity as I haven't seen this answer clearly, but some people have been making assumptions.

If you have 105 members (Max 3000 inf) and have 1000 inf and a member leaves (only slightly reducing your max so it does not drop below your total.) Does the company loose any Influence? If yes, how much?
The Eternal Balance
So lets say I am a veteran, been playing since month 1 of EE and I join a company prior to April 1. Then, on lets say April 25th something happens whereby this company is no longer the correct company for me. Maybe we don't all get along, maybe the company leader turned into a real asshat, maybe some real annoying people joined, maybe we can't all get on and play at the same times, maybe my personality starts really grating on people - whatever it is. Now lets say this is a rather large company of 30+ members. So what happens now? I am stuck in this company because they already *ate* all of my influence and I can't take any with me? What happens if they simply boot me? Where do I go? Do I need to beg some other company to take me and get a, "Sorry, we don't need any more gem cutters" answer?

This mechanic seems like it places way too much power and leverage into the hands of the company and settlement leaders.
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I think GW is banking a little bit too much on the "every Company will want to welcome veterans because they are veterans" thing indeed. A drifter that has left a previous company may even be looked upon with a somewhat suspicious eye.

I do not think it will be much of a problem in the nearby future(where every player is currently an asset) but once the playerbase grows and matures I can see this become a problem. Reputation (not the game-mechanic) is off course important in this game, but so is numbercrunching. smile
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